14 February 2022

How many organisers?

How many organisers do you have to own before you can say you have 'A collection of organisers' 

I am not referring to how many are in use at any one time, but total ownership. What number becomes the 'tipping point' from 'I have a few organisers' to 'I have a collection of organisers....' 

And whilst you consider your answer carefully, you might find my previous post on a similar topic to this from a few years ago, with an alternative way of counting them! 

Before you ask... I do not know how many are in my cupboard at the moment. That's a job on my list to do the annual check and up date my list!


  1. I think of few as 3-7. After 7, it’s a collection.

  2. Hi, I came to think it's the intention more than the number that says it's a collection or not. I do have many pens (from various price ranges), coloured pencils full boxes, even planners, but they mostly come from "retail therapy", so in my case it's more an accumulation than a collection ;-)

    Still, I have only 3 anime figurines, but I consider them as a part of a collection because the purchase is based on an intentional purchase with some criteria (here, singer characters from the Macross anime franchise). A friend collects "everything Casio", which is another criteria.

    But sometimes, when you have enough things to say it could be a collection if you add the intention, then yes, I just decided to collect coloured pencils. But what was the number that made me switch from hoarding to collecting, which is also your question... Well, I have I think 6 pencil boxes (full sets of Lightfast, Inktense, Luminance, Irojiten, Prismacolor, Museum) plus change, so I guess it's that number :)

    Next question is : Do we use what we're collecting or do we just watching them on a shelf ? (to me, everything stationery are made to be used, even lacquered maki-e pens).

    Have a good day everyone