05 May 2022

Comparing the Filofax Belmont and the Filofax York

These two organisers come from two very different eras in the time line of the Filofax company. 

The Belmont from the 'modern' era of about 2004-2006 and available in Pocket, Personal and A5

The York model was around from about 1993-1998 and it was available in  Mini, Pocket, Personal, A5 and Deskfax sizes. 

Today I'm just going to compare the personal size in each model. 

Both models were only available in Black and Tan leather, I have both in Tan as you will see from the photos. 

The York feels more 'traditional' in its design and looking at it in detail, it is made to a higher standard than the Belmont. 

The Belmont on the left has the more 'stylish' clasp and contrast detailed stitching compared to the York on the right, which could have been made in any decade from 1950 onwards!

The detailed stitching on the Belmont continues to the back cover on the clasp as well. The York is a lot simpler in its design. 

The spine as well on the Belmont is treated to the detailed contrast stitching. 

Internally the Belmont Personal size has a very simple layout. On the left hand side we have four vertical card slots and a full height vertical slip pocket. On the right hand side another two card slots and another full height vertical slip pocket. It also features two pen loops and 23 mm rings 

On the front cover it features a neat double popper arrangement allowing you to expand the capacity of the organiser as needed. The unused popper remains covered by the clasp in either position, which is great. 

The York features 8 horizontal card slots and a full height slip pocket on the left hand side. On the right hand side it has another full height slip pocket and a zip pocket. The zipper is covered by an extension to the pocket. Again two pen loops and 23 mm rings. 

Earlier York models had the model details in gold lettering as shown below, later ones became embossed. 

The Belmont states it is made from Italian calf leather. The York just states Calf Leather, but 'Made in Italy' It's also labelled 'Filofax of England' 

As a bit of trivia Belmont is a town in Durham, although the village name appears in other parts of UK as well. Belmont is the site of a TV/Radio transmitter, hence how I know it!

Which do you prefer? The Belmont or the York?  


  1. I don't like the back of the clasps on both models. The Belmont is too big and showy, the York too plain and ugly. The front of the clasp is too basic on York and a tiny bit too much on the Belmont.

    Inside I prefer the Belmont arrangement and the hidden double popper to cope with over stuffing is neat on the Belmont.

    The pen loops on the York look too soft and floppy. The Belmont ones look good. The York leather looks thinner too.

    I guess I don't like either but the Belmont is preferable to the York imho.

  2. Mmmmm the York is lovely and I had no idea it existed! I am going on a hunt now….

  3. The York is lovely, why didn’t I know it existed! I’m now on a hunt…wish me luck 😊🤞

  4. I like the interior of the Belmont and the exterior of the York.

  5. Just purchased a Belmont A5 in Tan