13 May 2022

Free For All Friday - No. 705 by Steve

A few years ago I made the observation that the transition from Spring to Summer brought about a change in the size of organiser people used for the summer months. 

We would often see people move from A5 to Personal or Personal to Pocket. The reasons people did this seemed to vary. I wondered if people wanted something smaller because summer clothes/bags didn’t lend themselves so well to larger organisers. 

I have tended to stay in the same size organiser all year around. The actual model of organiser might change, but it’s the same page size. 

If anything my organiser starts to really get used even more at this time of year, this is down to more travelling and a lot more tasks at this time of the year with things to be done outside in the garden that are generally left alone in winter. 

Do you change the size of your organiser in the summer or not? 

Of course it is Friday so please feel free to discuss anything else organiser related. Have a productive and pleasant weekend. 


  1. I don’t change sizes. And I tend to stick to the same insert design too. Changing sizes can get expensive, if you are into decorative planning I can see how it can be exciting, if you are planning to be productive than sticking with reliable system makes more sense than anything else.

  2. Its taken me a while to find the size that I'm happy in. Started back in a personal size and ended up with a few different models and colours. Moved down to pocket because it was more portable. I now have an A6 as my everyday with a pocket as a wallet. I would change colours for the summer maybe there are so many lovely colours out there....always on the hunt.

  3. In general, I also don't change sizes either, so I'm still using an A5 for work & personal for everything else. Due to COVID, I'm still not out & about that much, but if that wasn't the case, I could see myself using a slimline for when I'm out of the house.

    I did purchase a pocket Moterm ages ago, but I admit that it's still in its box as I realised that personal is the perfect size for me & I'd find it hard to move out of my faithful Kensington too.