09 May 2022

Filofax Model Quiz

How good do you think you can recognise different Filofax Models? Let's put it to the test with six photos of different Filofax models. 

There's no prize this time, but if this proves popular, I will so something similar again with an organiser as a prize.... 

A - An Accessory

B - Back...

E - No Clasp

F - Zip and Chunky

Drop your answers in to the comments below. 

Answers on Thursday...


  1. A - Filofax flyleave but no idea if it’s particular model name?
    B - back of Belmont
    C - easy, Malden!
    D - Lockwood, I think
    E - no idea, I am having a wild guess: Chester
    F: Cuban?

  2. A flyleaf
    B no clue
    C Malden
    D Lockwood
    E Heritage
    F Cuban Zip

  3. Coffee time…
    A - I’m sure it was called a “Change Holder” in Personal
    B - Belmont (A5)
    C - Malden (could be Pocket?)
    D - Lockwood Zip (Personal)
    E - Heritage Compact
    F - has to be a Cuban Zip in Personal (chunky and clunky!)

  4. A - Coin Pocket/Change Holder (Winchester Series)
    B - Belmont
    C - Malden
    D - Lockwood
    E - Heritage
    F - Cuban

  5. Well I was certain about B for Belmont as it was recently reviewed in a comparison with another model. I went against the flow and preferred the Belmont.
    I guessed C Malden and D lockwood but really guesses.
    I knew A was in a personal sized filofax because of the ring spacing.

    I'm actually pleased with myself if those turn out to be right. I like filofaxes but I own only two and they're at the cheaper end. Can't justify the expensive models just yet so I'm pleased with what I do seem to know.

  6. D) is Lockwood Personal Slim and E) is Personal Heritage Compact. Agree with everyone else re C) Pocket Malden F) Cuban zip A5 B) Belmont A5 and A) being a flyleaf.

  7. Never owned any of them but sadly I know them all haha. A personal change holder. B A5 Belmont. C pocket Malden. D personal zip Lockwood. E personal heritage. F A5 zip Cuban