09 January 2023

Archiving Your Old Diary Inserts?

I know not every one keeps their previous years inserts. I don't know what the proportion of keepers vs recyclers is. 

I have been keeping my diary inserts for many years. I still have my 1987 personal size inserts!! The ink is a little faded now, but still readable. 

A typical week of a young radio engineer in 1987!

I keep my past inserts in spare organisers, although you can get purpose made storage binders. But you can repurpose VHS tape storage boxes for Personal or Franklin Covey Compact inserts! 

Why do I keep mine? Mainly for reference purposes, a few years ago I was subjected to an ordeal that required me to be able to prove my location to a judge in a legal case regarding the care of my late mother. My old inserts assisted me in locating phone records and photographs for the relevant dates as well as serving as evidence in their own right. We won the case, our solicitor complemented me on keeping such detailed diary records! 

When you are putting your new inserts in to your organiser, think carefully about what to do with your old inserts. It doesn't do any harm to keep them. 

Go through them and make sure you have captured any essential notes for the forthcoming year. 


  1. I keep them, and use treasury tags:

  2. I have pages (such as goals, projects and year planners) going back to 1987. Unused binders are great for keeping these leaves together. Only last week, I needed to compare some medical results with 10 and 20 years ago and found myself looking at goals I had set and things in my life that were important then!

  3. I run mine through a sheet-feed scanner

  4. I also keep my old inserts/planners but I'm not sure if I will be able to keep them for such a long time as you :) Periodically I have an urge to throw my old stuff away :)

  5. Also it was great to have a peek at your life back then :)