23 January 2023

Filofax Pricing

When Filofax introduced the Filofax Norfolk models and the Malden Compact Zip in 2022, I noticed a variation in pricing between UK, France and USA. 

I took a snap shot of the prices at the time of the launch and the exchange rates applicable on that day in early December. 

This is what I found: 

Since then the USA prices have been changed on the Norfolk models, the Compact Zip price is still the same. Today in mid January I did the same exercise but widened the scope of the models to compare. Here are the results, again using the same methodology and the exchange rate on the day of the sample. 

The exchange rates have changed of course, but using France as a comparison to USA, the range of price increase variation is much less compared to USA. (103.84-124.08%= 20.24% compared to 108.66-141.82= 33.16%)

Filofax as a whole has to make a profit and has to cover its costs of shipping and selling in different markets etc. Therefore the prices will vary between markets, but should the mark up on different models and sizes vary so much? 

You might think if you live in the USA that you might save money if you shopped on Filofax UK, but don't forget to take in to account bank charges for foreign currency exchange, shipping costs etc. If you are in Europe and buying from UK you also need to take in to account import duty and handling fees. 

Have you ever purchased a Filofax from an overseas Filofax store? 


  1. Filofax Australia doesn't even offer the Norfolk. Sigh. I tend to look elsewhere for my Filofaxes and supplies, the prices are too steep.

  2. Filofax is kind of a weirdly priced. For a vinyl and acetate folder $40 would be luxury pricing, to me. Luckily they go on sale for close to that.

  3. All my filofaxes are purchased from abroad, and the last ones overseas. The cost of shipping in my case is often a factor, but last year I found it ridiculous that I would have to pay more for a filofax from the US, with the shipping included, than from the UK, and I'm much far away from the UK than the US.

  4. I purchased a bronze Domino Snake from Filofax Germany, when they were having a big sale back in 2012. The sale price was so low & we were still in the EU then, so it was a real bargain even with the additional postage: