13 January 2023

Free for All Friday No. 740 by Nan

 Now that a new year is getting under way, have you chosen a theme for the year? Or has it chosen you?

For me, it's "use what you have." I'm trying to declutter my house and my life by using what I already have rather than buying the new, shiny option. 

What about you? As usual on Friday, all discussion of ring-bound organizers like Filofaxes is welcome!


  1. Combo of use what I got (stationary and office supply wise) and declutter anything that doesn't support the lifestyle I want to have. So much stuff is leaving my house! Yay!

  2. Theme? I'm afraid I about the simple approach. No theme really just records of events, appointments, tasks and important information such as key contacts backup or passwords in a suitable code. All writing or occasionally sketches if it is needed for the record. I've never owned any washi tape!

  3. Hello dear planner lovers, I am wondering if you have had the same experience by visiting the FranklinPlanner website from any european country followed by error 1020, exclusion by Cloudflare. >> I got an error when visiting shop.franklinplanner.com/.
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  4. Can any UK reader point me to a UK supplier of Raymay Davinci personal size (aka Bible size) refills) please? Amazon seem to have listing bit they all seem to ship from abroad ay suitably absurd rates.

    Many thanks!

  5. Late to comment but just thought of something. How do you find filofax use with fountain pens? Is the paper good for proper pen and ink? What pen and ink do you use if you do?

    Do you have problems with using fountain pens and what are they? I find FPs and common inks take too long to dry and I simply smudge everything.