20 January 2023

Free For All Friday - No. 741 by Steve

Any electronics engineer will recognise the number 741 as being used in relation to an Operational Amplifier (OpAmp) type 741... but what has this got to do with planning with a Filofax organiser? Nothing at all!

How are you settling in to the 2023? Did you change inserts or your format this year? 

Of course as it is Friday, please feel free to discuss anything Filofax related.  


  1. I have finally re-entered the Filofax world, taking a small break from my Plotters. I bought Slim Lockwood in A7 format. Using Plotters fantastic paper and system, all Filofax multi-language calendar inserts (where there is almost no free space for your notes) went to the trash. However the fit and finish of the leather is superb. I am also tempted with Holborn A5 but the lady in the shop told me to hold it for a bit as on Thursday next week they are invited to a introduction of the new 2023 lineup by Filofax dealership. She did mentioned something about new slim line with elastic bands (like in TN) which was supposed to hit the market 2 years ago but did not. Any idea what new product announcements Filofax has in their sleeve? Will share when I know more next week.

  2. "Operational Amplifyer" sounds to me like pushing your rings to the limit and carrying around a chunky, heavy planner that would require to be considered "heavy machinery" and thus you should not operate it when drinking or taking certain types of medication.

    This year my planner has been replaced, I downscaled and now I am not only back to the Personal Size (after over five years or so... probably much more), but I'm also using the Filofax inserts (weekly, the ones that come with the planner) and I'm annoyed with the multilingual thingie. I'll definitively start looking for options because with so little space for each day, every milimeter counts for planning.