16 January 2023

Wall Calendars

January, the start of the year. The month we put away the Christmas decorations. We reorganise our Filofax organisers and take down last years wall calendar....

Do you just recycle it, or repurpose it? Or both...

If your wall calendar has images of a place you have fond memories of, then keep those pages and reuse the images on your section dividers or as your dashboard at the front of your organiser.

I salvaged a local map from our own wall calendar that is published by the Sapeurs-Pompiers de Thouars (Fire Service) 

The map was printed on one side of A3 size paper. With some careful folding and punching some holes in the edge it fits A5, see this earlier post on how to do this: Using A3 paper in A5 size Filofax

In simple terms with the A3 page in landscape, measure 87mm up from the bottom edge, and then fold the page up along that line, that gets the page to A5 height. Fold the page over at 148mm from the left hand edge, and then back again to the right hand edge. On the bottom section, fold the corner of the flap over at 45 degrees. Punch to fit A5 Filofax.

The map is printed on quite thick glossy paper, so it should last a few years. I also salvaged the 2023 calendar from the back cover! 


  1. My father, if he particularly liked a wall calendar, would check when that year dates repeat and store the calendar for future use (6 or 11 years later, unless it's a leap year)

  2. Looks great, Steve!

    I've also enjoyed reusing wall calendars in the past:

    And I have one favourite image from an old calendar that I have in my Filofax, as it reminds me of walking in the countryside with my best friend.