28 March 2024

Insert Envy?

Do you ever have 'Insert Envy'? You see an insert someone else is using and start to want to use it as well. 

However, you then realise it is:

  • It is not available in your country;
  • It is not available in the size you are using;
  • It is already sold out;
  • It might go out of production or it already is out of production;
  • You see it, but no details of who makes it, and Google doesn't show it. 

It can be so frustrating, but you need to step back from your desires to use a different insert and think in a more rational way. 

  • Yes this other insert has lots of interesting boxes, but would you use them all every day/week? 
  • Changing size especially going up in organiser/page size can have a big impact on how you use your organiser. 
  • If the insert is only available in a pre-printed format will the paper be suitable for the pens you use? 
Sometimes you just need to review the way you are using your current set up and see if you can improve on its productivity by making a small change or adjustment. 

Have organiser envy instead? 


  1. I have a dot grid notebook where I work out inserts. I don't use A5 so everything I use fits on a page. I have so many ideas that haven't seen the light of day...yet. I have even just done a massive todo list and worked from that. I do make my own so I can just run up a few of any new insert. I am feeling I could do with a change but haven't yet decided which direction to go.

  2. …I would add - it has so many language translations of days/month it takes space and is visually so crowded that you simply pass on. But its difficult to get plain English versions in my country.

  3. For me it’s the non-paper inserts that are the biggest culprits here. I find it hard to resist difficult holders and accessories, many of which have gone out of production.

  4. I buy spares of non-paper inserts and accessories in case they are discontinued although I could probably find someone selling them on EBay.

  5. Hah.
    Just spent a few hours writing a script to create a week-per-page year diary from the output of the unix 'cal' calendar command. Spits out PostScript, and feeds into my page imposition scripts to make printing straightforward.

    It would be nice to find a good, open source of holiday details, so they can automatically be added to day entries.

    The thing is, I don't really use a paper diary. Maybe I'll start now...