01 March 2024

Free For All Friday No 799 by Laurie

I like to see photos online of the first page in people's Filofax binders. Some of them are very inspirational with quotes, mood boards, or seasonal decorations. I also like functional dashboards with sticky notes and tape flags, or kanban boards.

The first page in my Filofax that goes out and about with me is "If found please contact...". Not exactly inspirational, but some day if I am unfortunate enough to leave my Filofax somewhere, hopefully some good person will get it back to me.

In my Filofax that stays at home, the first page is a photo of my family. It always makes me smile when I see it.

What do you have as the first page in your Filofax? Do you change it periodically, or do you keep it the same all the time?

And as always on Fridays, feel free to ask and/ or discuss anything ring binder organiser related!


  1. I am in an even more discreet corner... Using only a blank cardboard insert as front page.
    Pic here:


    1. PS - the early version (gold lettering) York Personal is a favourite of mine. The writing instruments are from the seventies and eighties and I used them as an architect. Today they are just a part of my EDC.

      I wish everyone a nice weekend.

  2. For the first time in years TK Maxx had some leather Filos…mini and A5 Maldens, personal and A5 Originals, also some personal Finsburys. The discounts were very good. I picked up an electric blue personal Finsbury for £14.99!

  3. My first page is an unused plastic pocket, also my last page. They're used to stop my actual first and last pages from being torn. They're a kind of ineffective lifters.

    My second first page is a postit note page, then the first divider page of my month diary pages from filofax. That's on my personal Holborn. My personal metropol didn't have the ripping of first and last page issues.

    My A5 my first page it's a card divider, my last page is plastic pocket then last page of my copy of iso 9001:2025 quality standard. I bet nobody else has that as their last page!

  4. I'm a male Filofax user since the min-eighties. I recently acquired a new personal Heritage and my first page is actually a personal size six-ring pad of tear-off yellow "legal pad". My FF is always open on my desk and the pad is there for capturing quick notes of telephone calls, etc. I'm a heavy user of the W2P as planner ahead and abbreviated diary of the recent past. Sorry, no cute stickers or inspirational quotes. I know that these days, we are vastly outnumbered, but I am interested in the differences in use between men and women.

  5. I am a male filofax user, too. Yes, we still exist, but probably as a minority. My dashboard shows a poem by Charles Mackay (“No Enemies”) known from “The Crown” and a picture of “Jack the Bulldog” (Royal Doulton). It probably helped me in difficult times. Greetings, Klaus