19 March 2024

Free For All Tuesday - No. 685

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  1. I visited a branch of KallKwik printers on Saturday, hoping to get a quote for the printing, guillotining & punching of my A6 DofE manuals; printing and guillotining a 340-page manual is a bit tedious, but punching the 4mm holes with a core punch and hammer is _very_ tedious.

    Sadly, as soon as I opened my Personal to show him what I wanted, he immediately said he could no longer punch holes that small; there was no demand. Now, I can find various industrial punch 'drill' inserts for big punch frames (that will punch hundreds of pages at once), so I was a bit surprised they couldn't offer the service.

    e.g. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/255146640657

    So, does anyone know of a 6-hole 4mm(ish) punch? Ideally, with moveable punches to accommodate at least Personal & Pocket. I can only find 1/4" punches (including the Rapesco), and those bigger holes make the pages flop about a bit...

    Or perhaps a punching service?

    I have even designed an insert for an existing replaceable-punch unit hand frame...

  2. I bought a Rapesco clone in 2017 called "Chris-Wang adjustable metal 6-hole paper punch." It's wonderful. I punch ALL of my paper (including plain lined that I print myself) for both an A5 and a personal, so I'm moving the punchers constantly and they still snap smartly into place. The description says the holes are 6mm, but mine measure 5mm. Solid metal construction currently selling in the US for $18.69 and it's made in Taiwan.

  3. If you can find an old US Lefax punch it would give you the reduced hole diameter you’re looking for, but not moveable punches.