14 August 2006

A Quick Query

Succes finds itself among our links thanks to an anonymous comment left long ago, the poster of which attested to the quality of the A5 inserts offered by Succes. Can anyone give any more specific comments? Some of the forms look really cool.

Here's the more specific feedback I'm looking for: Are the fricking holes in Succes inserts drilled in a Filofax-compatible fricking manner? For reasons that elude me, I can't find any indication on their website concerning Filo-compatibility. For other reasons that elude me, they have declined to respond to my e-mail requesting confirmation of compatibility.

(Aside: Why do so many companies ignore e-mails like this? When I was in Europe once, I bought a watch made by the "Rotary" company. They don't sell watches in the U.S. A couple years later, the band -- a weirdly shaped, custom-sized job -- broke. No one in the U.S. had ever heard of Rotary. So I began an e-mailing odyssey that took months. It finally, happily, culminated in my receipt of two new bands shipped from England. [Two bands, because I did not want to go through that again upon the next band breakage.] The reason for the delay -- and subsequent damage to the goodwill they otherwise could have built in a globe-trotting, product-recommending person like me -- was primarily their failure to respond to my e-mails. I think that "local" distributors of international products not commonly available in the U.S. are the worst. Anyhoo...)

Any fricking feedback?


  1. In the interest of stopping you all trampling one another to answer all at once, I have some information from our very nice (but mysterious) reader in Egypt: Succes and Filofax refills ARE compatible.

    Succes's A5 size fits over the Filofax A5 rings, and the Succes Standard page is the same as Filofax Personal. If you click the "Product info" link (or equivalent link in another language) and then "Organizer sizes," you can see the size comparisons.

  2. I think as long as it has 6 holes, it should fit. Here in Malaysia, we have a brand called "Arrive" (the "e" is accented but I can't do it on my keyboard) and their inserts fit the Filofax.

    I see Nan has replied your query, but I'll go ahead and post my comment.

  3. Not all the Filofax models have a Succes counterpart. I happen to have the unicorn of all organizers. The Succes Senoir. Can't find any decent inserts for this model.
    As Nan commented the A5 is the same in both brands. The Personal is the same as the Standard.
    The Senior is a little shorter (just 150mm) but just as wide as the personal.
    Can I change your templates to fit my organizer?