17 August 2006

For the Filofax User Who Has Everything Except This One Thing

This Depeche Mode single, in a pre-punched Filofax insert, recently sold on eBay for US$76. If you feel as though you have missed something by not winning it, please contact winning eBay user konzult, who might be persuaded to flip it for a profit.

(I hate Depeche Mode, so I do not feel as though I have missed anything. Now, if anyone runs across a Filo-compatible CD containing music from Wilco, Luna, Fountains of Wayne, Pixies, Pavement, or a band of similar bearing, then please let me know forthwith.)


  1. I like Depeche Mode. I mean, I like it for treadmill music. I had no idea such a thing existed.

  2. Over the years I've collected all kinds of odd inserts for Filofax (though I don't collect anything that isn't Filofax branded) - I have a 1987 "Time Out Guide to London" somewhere! There were even Filofax sized novels where you could keep a few dozen pages in your binder for the journey to work or to read at lunch.

    My best recent find is a leather insert for credit cards and cash that Filofax used to make up until about 1990. It's a bit thick for the current binders but used to fit the old 1 and a 1/4 inch ring size.


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