09 August 2006

Tab Time

I can't contribute any cute baby pictures, but I wanted to at least add another Filofax picture. (My very cute then-6-month old nephew was holding my very cute Pocket Filo last Christmas and banging it on the floor, but so far I haven't located a picture of of it.)

All this talk of tabs has got me thinking. I have to weed out and reprioritize my Filofax. I need room for more notes and new ideas. I would make better use of my ideas if I had them in a separate volume and actually review them once a week rather than carry them around and never look at them because the book is too intimidatingly big to open. What I've been doing in my A5 Filo is developing a Commonplace Book. I remember reading that article about a year ago and feeling totally intimidated by it, but unwittingly I ended up duplicating it (on paper, not electronically).

My current tabs are: To Do, Checklists, Projects, Lists, Ideas, and Notes, plus A-Z tabs that aren't seeing much action.

My idea for a new set is (not in any particular order): To Do , Notes, Meetings, Projects, Lists (including ideas), and Address (including agendas). I'm going to eliminate the A-Z tabs, but still put the address pages in alphabetical order.

Mutability, as Philofaxer says, is what it's all about. Maybe Filofaxes are like sharks. If they stop moving forward, they die.


  1. By the way, when I label my tabs, I don't write on them. I use a P-Touch labelmaker. The labels stick on really well, but it's also possible to peel them off without damage when you want to change the tabs.

  2. For my new tab reorganization, I've used laser labels scissored-to-size and a blue pen. That's only because I am at work and I am limited to the primitive materials surrounding me. I may fire up the label maker in the future.

  3. Do you have any idea if/how one can make his own tabs? Or how to personalize them? I tried googling for templates but I wasn't successful. I would pay for them if they are a little bit different/colorful etc...