22 August 2006

The Eaglet Has Landed

I have to squeeze this post off in the brief period between demands imposed on me by my son, three weeks old today. My wife has a doctor's appointment this morning, and it's the first time I've been alone in the house with the little devil. He's sleeping, so I'm posting.

Yesterday, I received my shipment from The Daily Planner. It arrived promptly, which I was happy about, given the somewhat sketchy ordering process. For some reason, their website insists at all times that I have placed 271 Moleskine 18-month planners in my cart, amounting to about $4,500. Be very careful when checking out there.

Anyway, here's the spread. (Apologies for the atrocious focus. I'm in a hurry here.)

[Postus interruptus. Baby flipped out, hungry. Had to wait for mommy to come home. She has arrived. All is well.]

This shows how micro-small the Mini Domino is:

Now I have to decide how to use it. I am considering two options:

1. A front-pocket portable note and data tool.

2. A wallet.

That's right. I am considering the possibility of simply making the Mini Domino my wallet. Why not? It isn't much bigger than my current wallet. Of course, it has a rigid ring binding system which could affect the comfort of my ass. (I am a back-pocket wallet guy.) I also haven't yet stuffed it with cards to see how it reacts.

Further laboratory work will be required.


  1. Congrats on the new Filofax -- and baby, of course! I'm thrilled to have found your blog, as I thought I was the only one crazy enough to keep accumulating planners. Insanity loves company, I guess.

    So far I own two Personal size Filofaxes and have a third -- an A5 Finsbury -- on the way. As if this weren't bad enough, I also own, and sometimes use, planners by Franklin Covey, Time/Design, Exacompta, and (last but not least) Quo Vadis. Oh, and I also have a Handspring Visor that's languishing on a shelf.

    I'm currently using a black Belgravia Filofax, but the personal size was feeling a little cramped, hence the "need" for an A5. Rationalizations aside, I guess I just wanted a new "toy." Now, how to break the news to the wife.

  2. I've always been a monofilofaxist but this entry has inspired, literally, daydreams about polyfilofaxism. I just imagined how happy I would be to receive a new Filofax in the mail.

    A pocket Sport in chocolate? A bright red Metropol? There are entirely too many options, and my personal Topaz (purple) is definitely well-worn and over-burdened.

    [BTW, you ought not sit on a wallet of any size: it's very bad for your back, which needs to stay healthy for picking up the baby.]

  3. Hi, I checked on the Filofax web site and this thing is a bit bigger than a 3x5 card....true? Can it fit in a shirt pocket without looking to dorky? Do the leaves fit anyother binder? Thanks, Jim.

  4. Jim, I don't have a shirt pocket handy. However, I think it would fit in a shirt pocket but would likely create a noticeable bulge. If you are a jacket-wearing man, I think it would be no issue at all to carry it in an inside-jacket pocket.

  5. Jon, MNG, how about an update? Jon - how do you like your A5 Finsbury? MNG - have you acquired a supplement to your purple Topaz?


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