18 August 2006

The Motherlode

I saw an intriguing listing on eBay yesterday. For the last day, it's been percolating in my head. My rule about eBay is that if I see something interesting, I let a day go by. If, after a day, drool is still gathering at the corners of my mouth and the product is still available, then I go for it.

So I went for it.

Check this out.

That's right. A lot of no fewer than 67 personal-size Filofax inserts of myriad forms.

Although I've switched to A5, and I just ordered a Domino Mini, I still have a forlorn-looking personal-size binder sitting around. Indeed, it was that binder that got this whole Philofaxy mess started. If I can't find a useful purpose for it after receiving this veritable cornucopia of Filofax goodness, then I don't deserve the name I've given myself.

Thanks to some of the odder inserts, this purchase might open some new doors for me:
  • There are five "Phrasefiles Guides: Spanish to English." So I should be able to learn Spanish five times better than if I just had one.

  • There's a fold-out map of Miami and Atlanta. I've never been to Atlanta! And I have only been to Miami twice! And one of those times, I just stayed in the airport hotel! And it was, hands down, the worst hotel I've ever stayed in! There were cockroaches in the bathroom!

  • Don't forget, three "London For Visitors Guides." I've never been to London. Now I and two of my closest friends can go and not get lost, even if we get separated.

  • And I will have a "pack of Selected USA Area Codes." Wonder which ones they selected?

  • I'll have tabs and dividers spilling from the rafters. And you all know about my current tab fetish.
Let's not forget the last consequence:

My masculinity will be a distant memory.


  1. OW!!!!!!!! Refill powerrrrrrrrrr.

    I agrree about Miami. While I've never stayed in the hotel, I've experienced extended layovers in the airport, and I can say it's my least favorite American airport. Give me Atlanta, give me Pittsburg, but don't leave me for 6 hours in Miami, with 12 snack bars, each of which serve the same hot dog and the same cheez whiz nachos, and is too far away to risk going into the city to spend your layover.

  2. I take it you bought the whole lot? I went to the page but couldn't see anything, just a note that the sale had ended through the "Buy Now" feature.

  3. Chet, you should be able to see the whole lot if you scroll down from the "Someone bought it" notice. If, for some reason, you can't, suffice it to say it is a true cornucopia and I've listed only a sampling. Obviously, I'll post more details later.

  4. What a great find! That Time Out Guide to London is a more recent version of the one I have!

    Those "Filofax Points" are an interesting item - as far as I know Filofax never did do anything with them. They started issuing them around 94-95 and I think the idea was with so many points you got free items. However Filofax saw a big downturn in demand in 1996 when WH Smith in the UK massively reduced its Filofax stock going to a "Just in Time" ordering system. For the benefit of those in the UK this was the reason so much Filofax stock was tatty and/or old at WH Smith as they'd only order what they could sell.