05 August 2006

Warning: Off-Topic Beauty Ahead

If your sole reason for being here is your undying love for Filofax, such that you are unable to reflect upon other instances of beauty in the world, you can stop here. However, for those of you who appreciate perfection manifested in forms other than leather-bound binders and calendar pages, I give you Charlie, my son:

He was born Tuesday night, two and a half weeks early. (We HAVE to get this boy a calendar.) In this picture, he is swaddled for the trip home, on Thursday. Now he's luxuriating in the glow of familial attention, alternately pooping, sleeping, and eating. And I'm luxuriating in his glow.

Does Filofax make a baby carrier insert?


  1. Congratulations!! Welcome Charlie! And best wishes to your family.

  2. I just came across your blog this morning and have been reading it from the begionning. OK, so I have no life. What a surprise to return to the point where I started and find this post of your son. Congratulations! I can promise you there will be lots to write in your Filofax, from now on. Finding the time to do it will be the challenge.

    BTW, I started with an 8 X 10 Daytimer...not the best thing for a young, first time salesman on the road. I then went to the 4 X 5 size and stuck with that for many years until I moved to New York and starting using a Filofax (it was all the rage back then). I actually purchased my Filofax at Harrod's in London and it has a Harrod's stamp on it's inside cover. Very cool.

    Those days passed and I needed something larger...back to the daytimer and then to the Covey planning system in one of my many daytimer binders and then on to a Franklin Covey Binder. I'm not finished yet!

    Next it was a palm, then it was a cheap pocket calendar, then a Moleskine pocket calendar and in the same year the larger Moleskine calendar and in the same year back to the pocket calendar.

    Think that's where we stop? You could but you would be wrong. I bought a Plam Lifedrive in that same year and have been using it for appointments and telephone numbers to this point. In the last year I have been carrying 3 X 5 notecards in my pocket, Moleskine volante and cahiers and a do it yourself planner that you print and fold up. Last weekend I found a small stapled pocket notebook that will fit in my shirt pocket and has replaced pieces of paper and index cards.

    Who knows what will be next?

    Thirty years and I haven't found the perfect tool for me yet.

  3. Ah, I had a feeling Philofaxer's recent absense had something to do with the "frickin' baby"!

    He's frickin' beautiful. Such symmetry!

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

  4. BTW, you may have to resurrect your T3 again. It is a perfect album for pictures of your son!

  5. Hey Larry, and welcome! Thanks for telling your fascinating story! A Harrod's Filofax? Droooooooool....

    My first came from a store called Ann Taylor, and I believe it was also stamped with the store name. It was the mid-80's, also during the time Filos were enjoying a heyday in the States. It was made of sturdy brown leather with cotton cream paper. (But as I refilled it for the next couple of years, I didn't always get cotton cream.)

    Now, I can't believe I tossed the thing out, because they're no longer made in Britain like that one was. Part of my decision not to keep it, in addition to the size (it was Personal and I wanted to move up to a 5 x 8 DayRunner), is that I spilled some cosmetics on it that created a permanent stain on the leather. (Hey, I was young.)

    Yeah, it's an ongoing process, isn't it? I was interested in the LifeDrive for a while. I heard that its hard drive would spin down and take a long time to come back up. That was a deal breaker for me. If I were to go back to the Palm, it would be something like the Treo, so I wouldn't have to carry both it and a phone.

  6. Nan, thanks for the shout back. The spin-down of the drive on the lifedrive isn't an issue really. It doesn't take that much time for it to spin up and be accesssible. In most situations the data you are accessing regularly is stored in ram anyway so there is no lag. The large hard drive (for this kind of device anyway) is most welcome for pictures of the new grandson and tunes by Shaggy. :-)

    I also carry a blackberry and sync up with my palm so that I have a complete duplicate of appointments and phone numbers on that. Kinda like a belt AND suspenders. No, I don't wear both.

    I think you would be wise to follow up on your idea and carry a Treo. That would definitely be the way to go. Why didn't I do that? Simple, the blackberry cost me $49.00 and the Treo would have had to cost $599.00. Decision was simple. Prices of Treos have really come down since then, though.

    Just remember that there is a lesson to be gathered from your story. Never, ever throw aything away. That's why you buy a larger house!

  7. he's beautiful. congratulations!!!!

  8. Oh My God, congratulations. Beautiful. Charlie's a great name.

  9. Larry -- LOL on the larger house idea! Truly, the moral is never throw a FILOFAX or other cool leather good away.


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