25 September 2009

Free For All Friday No. 45

We regularly exchange details about what size or type of Filofax we own or use most.

But how do you carry your Filofax around with you? Pocket, Bag, in your hand? Tell us, post links to your pictures...


  1. It depends on the Filofax:
    The A5 stay on my desk 99% of the time.
    The Personal Filofax is my backpack, with my MacBook Pro 13", a Moleskine and a book :-)

  2. David it copied me. not, I laugh, I do not have yet of A5. but for the remainder it is similar

  3. I carry in my pocketbook a black slimline finsbury, which I am constantly writing in. I have been keeping a cash in/cash out monthly budget sheet on cotton cream note paper for 10 years now so even if I spend $5.00 on Sunday NYT it gets written into the slimline. I try to keep personal from business, so I needed a new business notebook and I was thinking about a Moleskin, but suddenly I acquired an unneeded Red Personal Finsbury, which I'm still trying to figure out how to use. I've never kept more than one filofax at a time (which is 16 years)! The Red Finsbury wouldn't be my first choice, as I love the Mustard Finchley, but I had no choice as my friend bought the wrong size so she gave the personal to me. One thing about the finsbury slimline - it lies flat!!!! So I'm new to this blog and guess what I did the last two nights?.... I read each and every post since the blog started!!! Not the comments - just the posts! (ok I did read all 29 on how everyone has set up their own filoxes)....

  4. The Finchley gets carried on my commute in my totebag, then sits at my right on my desk all day long. On Saturdays and evenings, I keep it on the left side of my desk and on Sundays, it gets the day off.

    My little Lizell agenda/wallet is always in my purse. The coin pocket lining is disintegrating, but I don't want to give it up yet, even though I have two back ups I bought when Lizell was clearing out their stock. One day, I want to get a mini Finchley to go with the bigger one.

  5. My A5 is the family calendar and file keeper and stays on the desk, at home, for everyone to check in with. My personal is my wallet and I carry it in my timbuk2 bag that also fits netbook, GPS, iphone and usually a kids toy, I am stuck carrying ;).

    I have to be ready to geocache at anytime and place and I record those records and all else in the filofax.

    I have post it notes to that I carry and will transfer to the other filo when needed.

  6. I;ve got the A5 here, and I do try to use it, but really everything (and I mean everything) is in the Personal. So that's ont he desk, in the bag, no matter where - that's the one.

  7. My faithful black Winchester binder, along with a rather utilitarian, slimline Richmond model that I use to list work "to do" items, travel to my office with me in a black leather laptop case made by (wait for it) Filofax. Not that I'm completely obsessed of course!

  8. I carry my trusted Pocket Finsbury EVERYWHERE!!and before I go to sleep, I lay it open on my bedside table, so that I can see what I have to do the next day and ponder on it while waiting to fall asleep (not always), and also for reading it first thing in the morning to know/remember what my tasks for that day are.
    My other, relatively new, pocket (Urban) rests inside a drawer, until my next trip (it is my travel journal).


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