18 September 2009

Free for All Friday No. 44

In my part of the world, the days are getting shorter. Today, when I left the house to walk to the train station, it was dark, and it was dark again on my way home.

Do you ever refer to the charming "The World and Time" page that comes in every Filo? It's certainly true to the "fax" part of Filofax!

Do you note the passage of seasons or other astronomical data in your diary?


  1. Hi,

    Came across your site because I'm looking for the dimensions of the A5 Filofax Punch. Some one is selling a second hand Filofax punch but they don't say which size it's for - they just say that it's 17cm long. Can you help please??
    Thanks so much

  2. Hi Rubbishbin
    That isn't a Filofax A5 punch they are 205 mm in length. I suspect it's a Personal size one.

    Have you got a link to the advert?

  3. Hi,

    Thanks for the info. A link to the advert wouldn't help as it's in Swedish :)

    I found a local Swedish company that makes an adjustable punch - it's a bit cheaper than the Filofax one, so I think I'll go with that

    Have a great weekend.

  4. OK pleased you have found something. There is also this one:


    Not seen it outside of the US though...



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