24 September 2009

Dodo Stickers!

Okay, I admit I am bending the rules a bit to tell you about the new Dodo Pad organizer stickers. But, by their own admission, the stickers may be used with “indeed any diary, organiser or calendar of your choice – Lord Dodo, whilst he hopes you will stick to his produce, is happy for his artistic efforts to be applied far and wide across all manner of organisational tools.” And, I feel that Dodo Pad products officially entered the realm of Filofax when they introduced their A5 Filofax compatible Dodo Pad planner inserts.

So enough of my justification, let’s talk about how cool these stickers are! As we all know, we Philofaxers are suckers for stickers. Where the Filofax stickers are understated, simple icons, the Dodo stickers are funny, fun, colorful and certainly eye-catching. Like all Dodo produce, they are highly functional and organizational, while at the same time reminding us not to take life too seriously (which I need to be reminded of frequently!). I can’t wait to get my hands on them!

Lord Dodo has been generous enough to pass on to me a promotional code for Philofaxers everywhere. If you link to www.dodopad.com from this website and spend more than £30.00 on Dodo Pad products (including tax but excluding any shipping charges) there is a code 09PF that will work from today until midnight (UK time) on 31st October giving you a 10% discount! Dodo Pad ships within the UK and to the US, and I am assuming elsewhere too. Their customer service is superb, I’m sure if you phone or email to ask if they ship to your part of the world they would be happy to help!

Personally, I’ll be ordering up some of these stickers as well as the A5 insert for my Finsbury. The merger of my Filofax with my Dodo Pad is, as Lord Dodo would say, “dodelightful!”

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  1. Lord Dodo is most grateful to Philofaxy (and Laurie) for the opportunity to see his most marvellous wares enter the realm of the cool (Filofax). Stay cool and sophisticated on the outside and organise with a riot of fun and colour and witty amusement on the inside - just a thought! The stickers (just launched) are a lot of fun and cover all sorts - they may/will even get the kids helping to plan their own organizational stuff - like a sticker to show the start of the school term, another one for exams (and another for 'school's out'!). There are stickers for weddings, christenings, visits to the doctor or dentist, travel etc. etc. Enjoy!