24 September 2009

USA Family Organizer available

Hey everybody, I just got an email from Filofax USA that their Family Organizer is now available. Luckily they got it out earlier this year, last year it didn't come out until December, and I think by then most people (especially busy, plan-ahead parents who would be likely to buy this pack) had already bought their refills for the year.

Unlike the Fam Org packs in the UK, the US Fam Orgs only come in A5 size. I am assuming the other contents of the pack (worksheets etc) are similar.

The Filo US website is having a promotion on the Fam Orgs pre-packaged in an A5 binder. You can choose from Domino, Finchley or Finsbury in a variety of colors. When you buy one of these pre-packaged sets, you also get a free storage binder! Check it out here.

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