15 September 2009

Filofax is everywhere....

Filofax might have been around a long time, so yes you might expect it to be 'everywhere'. But I'm really referring to the 'on-line world'

This blog is an obvious place to start and the sites we have links to on the site. But I keep discovering new places on the web where people interested in Filofax gather and share their thoughts and ideas. Some are a little more active than other places.

So here are a selection:Did I miss any? Copy your links in to the comments



  1. Now what we need is a Filofax dating site!

    "Eton Personal seeks LTR with tall dark & handsome A5..."

  2. YM loved your comment....

    The name is Bond... Filofax Bond.. I'm bulging and over burdened with pages, but would consider losing a few pages for the right binder !!!!