04 September 2009

Recycling - FeuerWear Perry Personal Organiser

Alison and I are in the middle of trying to move house from UK to France... long story for another time and place... But whilst sorting out our clutter that has accumulated over the last twenty odd years of living here, we have been trying to recycle or Freecycle as much as possible.

So imagine my surprise the other day when I received a press release from FeuerWear for a Filofax organiser made out of recycled fire hose! But with a genuine Filofax insert with the usual fill:
  • Calendar
  • Address book with index tabs.
  • Notepaper
  • Finances
  • To-Do lists
  • World Map
  • Ruler
  • Business Card Holder
  • Penloop
  • Multicoloured note paper
  • Website directory
  • 2 document compartments.
The organiser is in standard Personal size with the usual standard 6-ring mechanism.

Each organiser is unique in its own way, because the hose used for the cover is labelled to identify each length, so no two organisers will be quite the same. One thing is for certain it will be hard wearing, having already been put to good use saving lives somewhere.

They also make a variety of bags and accessories from recycled fire hose. FeuerWear have distributors in different countries around the world as well as an on-line shop on their website. See the website for full details.


  1. using an a4 bond - its great but needs some magic pockets for smaller paper and cards.

    years of a5 and personal have left me missing a full page folio

  2. This looks like a very cool organizer and is a sure way to have a truly unique item. And I imagine it would be a great conversation starter when you pull out this organizer and open it up to jot down a date!

  3. It does look really cool. I love the idea of giving something new life in this way.

  4. It looks fantastic! Once it's available in the Pocket size, I will seriously consider getting one :)

  5. This is the ultimate in upcycling, and is a great approach to personalised Filofaxes!