28 May 2010

Free For All Friday No. 80

Well this week I've moved to France... I think it will rank somewhere in amongst the other big changes in my life such as becoming a father and getting married. But using my Filofax has certainly helped. I will do a post about it soon, or as soon as I've recovered from the journey!!

But as it is Friday, please feel free to discuss anything Filofax related.



  1. Steve, congratulations!! That is wonderful!! I'm very happy for you both that this has finally happened.

    I still don't know which continent I'll be living on next month. Right now there are several possibilities. I might find out today if Plan A will work, but if not we have several other irons in the fire. Something is bound to come through! And of course, I'm clinging to my Filofax like a life preserver. In many ways, it is keeping me afloat!!

  2. All the best with your new home Steve.

    Don't know if anyone in the UK watched the "Grumpy Guide to the Eighties" on BBC2 last night?
    There was an amusing and fairly disparaging section about Filofax ownership in the 80's. The bigger and fatter your Filofax, and the more bits of paper hanging out of it were said to be indicative of the fullness of your existence, and hence your status. There was some wonderful footage of a bounteously stocked Filofax shop. And best of all was the old "Blue Peter" craft slot on making your own Filofax! Certainly worth a look on the BBC iPlayer if you have access to it.

  3. Congrats Steve : ) I can't wait to hear about your move...as I was lamenting my own move I kept thinking, "Focus on how easy this is in comparison to moving to another country".

    You're my hero : )

    Laurie, keep us posted!!! And remember...in the event of a water landing, your Filofax may be used as a flotation device

  4. Steve, hope you and your family are doing well. Moving to a different country is never easy.

    My family and I moved from the Philippines to Canada with my then 2 year old daughter on an 18-hour trip on my first plane ride. Lots of fun :-)

    As for my Filofax, I'm still using my personal Amazona but I'm planning to move some of my stuff to a pocket Urban for summer. I just ordered one last weekend. And my wife ordered a pocket Graphic in burnt orange and a pocket Fresco. They were all on sale on the Filofax US website.

  5. The link to the BBC programme that gmax mentioned is


    The filofax bit starts at 16:40

    Yes, it is disparaging but that was then. My student friends tell me that filofax is 'cool' now.
    It shows you are serious about your studies, are organised, creative and forward thinking.

  6. Got alot of the new lines into the shop today, got the full chamelion range, so much nicer in your hand than in the pictures, will be a big hit. Also got the Adelphi magenta and the adelphi handbags and accesories, they will sell very very well and also the aqua finsbury. But my favourite is the Holborn Conference folders, they are absolutely beautiful, made from buffalo skin, I think I will have to buy one myself.

  7. Just got my (first) A5 in the mail today. Still waiting on the Dodo-pad insert and ordered more paper today.

    I now have multiple personals, a small assortments of pockets and minis and an A5.

    In excess of my needs? Yes.
    An addiction? Yes.
    Any plans on stopping? Bite your tongue.

  8. Next week I get my first chance to take my Finchley personal on a flight to Atlanta for business.
    Hope it doesn't get air sick. LOL
    Oh, and by the way.........
    Congrats Steve!!

  9. Congratulations Steve! As a few of you are moving, have moved or about to move, everything here is pretty status quo. I guess that's good since I have a number of things going on myself, though nothing as exciting and stressful as moving (yet). In the US we're celebrating Memorial Day weekend - the unofficial start of summer, but also remembering all of the men and women who died fighting for our country.

  10. CONGRATS Steve (and family) - good luck with your new life !!!!

    @gmax - if that was on the 80s series then I have it recorded on the Sky+ Planner. I'll get round to watching it at some point :)

    @Laurie - exciting/nervous times??

  11. Hi all,
    Congratulations on your move steve!
    Another big thing happened to me this Friday the 28th: I got married. We had a wonderful day with great weather, and we are flying to Rome for a week this Thursday. It is only now sinking in what a big thing this has been, watching my dress hanging on the door.
    And surprising litle need of my filofax right now as I am free from work for the next ten days and will not work on my phd thesis. That will be the next big event in my life, hopefully in the fall of 2011.
    See you all in two weeks.


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