31 May 2010

Filofax Model Locations?

A silly idea I know, but I wonder if anyone has ever plotted all the locations that are used as Filofax Organiser model names on a map?

Such as in: Eton, Finchley, Finsbury, Guildford, Kendal, Lyndhurst, Winchester etc

To get you started I've put the above locations on a Google Map, you should be able to add other locations.

I know people plan pub crawls around the London Underground using Google Maps... but a Filofax tour... that would be different!!



  1. An interesting idea. I did not know that those names were based on locations in the UK.

    It would interesting to see where in the world Alligator, Hearts, Butterfly and others are located.

  2. Such a fun idea! How about Waverly and all the vintage ones like: Kensington, Winchester, Birmingham?
    The North seems a bit underrepresented, why is there no York, Durham or Newcastle? Haha.
    I tried to add some to the map myself, but couldn't figure out how ...

  3. And...

    where would one find a catalogue listing the various "models"

    by the by, there is a York and Durham

    even a dundee and argyll!

  4. LOL, I had no idea they were all locations - except Kent. All I know about places in the UK is from Jane Austen novels, so like, London and Bath :)

  5. I used to live near Guildford and I didn't even know that there was a Filofax named after it but like Jotje said, the North is not very much represented.

  6. I've added in some of the older model locations.

    Dunbar, Kensington, Buckingham, Waverley,

    So now we just need some dedicated fan to tour the locations and be photographed with one of their Filofax organisers in front of each name plate... or if you have Guildford a picture of you infront of the Guildford name plate etc.

  7. I have a Westminster.

    I *REALLY* wish there was an archive of old catalogs available.

  8. And here I was thinking the Winchester was named after the rifle.

  9. Also.. Balmoral, Hamilton, Epping.

    (I dont own all of these. I have bid on them on Ebay and gathered the names from old emails.)

  10. Also found through Ebay: Lyndhurst, Windsor, Carnaby, Keswick, Piccadilly, Connaught, Bromley, Hamilton, Portland, Richmond.
    And I indeed found a Durham!

    Okay, I'll volunteer for the trip, if Filofax UK steps up as a sponsor! ;-)

  11. And how about, say,

    Now that would be a tour worth marking in the venerable!


  12. Sign me up for a Tropic location! I can't go to Cuba(n) because I'm American.

  13. Also found Devonshire and Ascot!

    What's with the Italian line anyway? Is it because of the Italian leather that we have Domino, Piazza, Deco, Siena, Strata and Fresco?

    Oh, can I sign up for Amazona? And is Adelphi in Greece?

  14. I do remember being told to Go To Belle once or twice.

  15. I have a Belgravia. And they used to have a Capri, which I wish they would bring back.

  16. Oh I also have a Portobello (sp). Now where did I keep that? Haven't used it in ages.

  17. What a great idea! We're loving it here at Filofax HQ in Burgess Hill (which we've noticed has been added to the map!.

    Hope all is well at Philofaxy Towers!


  18. I asked Dee at the Filofax shop of names of places which have been used. She mentioned Stratford and Rio. She also said organisers may have been named after styles or periods such as Baroque, Deco, Urban and Botanic. That lady is so helpful but she may starting thinking I'm a little mad for the questions I ask!

  19. I have Baroque in hot pink, pocket and mini. So pretty.

  20. I've just had a look at the map. I have noticed the Filofax Head Office and the shop in Conduit Street appearing but I think you should put my favourite Filofax shop on the map too. The address is 68 Neal Street in Covent Garden, London, Wc2H 9PF.

  21. Mark, I've added the Filofax shop you mentioned.

    Unfortunately, Google's map interface isn't too friendly. I've added some instructions on how to edit the map.

    Here's how to edit the Filofax Locations map:
    1. Log on to Google.com
    2. Go to the Filofax Locations map
    3. Click the "Edit" button to edit the names & desciptions in the map. You can also drag the location names up or down to re-arrange them.

    To add a new location:
    1. Type a location name on the search bar and click "Search Maps"
    2. On the search results, go to the location you want to add and look for the link "Save to..." under it.
    3. Click on "Save to..." to show a drop-down menu of maps you can edit
    4. Choose "Filofax Locations" and click "Save"

    You should see the new location at the bottom of the list when you go back to the map.

    You can only add new locations if you've already visited the map and clicked on "Edit". This tells Google to add Filofax Locations in your maps profile. You don't have to do this every time you want to add a new location. You only need to do this once to store Filofax Locations in your Google profile.

  22. I have one marked "Chelsea", circa 1996.

  23. I have a Durham (pocket zip) that goes everywhere with me -- lovely model. And I have a Balmoral and Belgravia. I didn't know either that many of the names were based on places till we were in England a few weeks ago and the names started popping up! Then I took a good look at the map and the light bulb went off.

  24. I have a Lefax Camden does that count

  25. There is a Malden in Greater London, UK as well.