26 May 2010

Filofax Receipts Envelope

I received the A5 size Filofax Receipts Envelopes as a generous sample from Brigitte at the Filofax shop in London. Thank you again Brigitte!

The A5 Receipts Envelopes fit perfectly on the rings of the A5 Filofax binders. If you carry your A5 Filofax with you everywhere, you can keep the Receipt Envelope on the rings (in your Financial Section if you like, as I do) to have on hand at all times. If you don't want to carry your A5 Filofax around everywhere, you can just carry this envelope. It is too large to fit into a pocket but is certainly small enough to fit into any bag. Technically I suppose you could fold it to fit in your pocket, but I am opposed to folding such a perfect thing. Then when you get back home or to the office, you can archive the envelope in your A5 Filofax.

The envelopes have pre-printed columns with: Date, Expense Record (with a column for Code if you use expense codes), Amount, VAT, and Total. At the very bottom of the page there is space for Totals. (You can click on the photo to get a larger view.)

It's very handy to be able to write all the details of each expense, then pop the receipt right in. When you get back to your office, you just take the receipts out and use your detailed record to do up your expense report. No more trying to remember which day you had that big expense or what exactly that vague receipt was for.

The envelope has a non-adhesive closure flap, so you don't have to worry about the envelope unintentionally sealing shut. When you need to close it, a glue stick or some tape will do the trick easily. Also this side of the envelope is blank so you can make notes or continue your totals from the other side if you need to.
Obviously this is perfect for a business traveler, but it's also very useful for anyone who is trying to budget and get a better handle on their finances. It's very helpful to carry this envelope with you during the day to record your expenditures and tuck in those receipts.

The Receipts Envelopes are available on the Filofax UK website under accessories for the Time Management system (click here to see the page where you can purchase it). As far as I can tell, Filofax Time Management system products are not available in the US. So, those of you in the US, add this to your list of cool Filofax products to order from Filofax UK!

I hope it will be available in the US soon! It's an excellent, very useful product from Filofax.


  1. These envelopes could be very handy for travelling.

    Filofax Germany has a range of so called "professional" diaries and refills in Pocket, Personal and A5 (as you can see here), but no such envelopes.

  2. Unrelated A5 question: does the FC Classic size paper (5.5 x 8.5, 7 holes) fit in a A5 binder?

    I just found an A5 on Ebay and I already have tons of FC note paper and their seven hole punch.

    I know the paper size differs, but do the holes line up?

  3. Hi JJ, no they don't- I bought some FC stuff for my A5 to try it out, but no go.....

    I've been using these envelopes for a couple of years- they're great and stop me losing all my company credit card receipts in the black hole that is my wallet! And I was pleased to discover, that with the aid of one extra hole from a hole punch, I can carry it around in my A4 portfolio, then at the end of the month, seal it and put it into my A5 stay-at-the-office work Kendal and file it ready to send off for reconciliation! Perfect!

  4. If you want A5 envelopes in the USA or Canada, you can order from TimeSystem which might be a bit cheaper to ship than overseas:


  5. I also have the envelops of TimeSystem. Same principle, but the backside is printed as well.


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