18 May 2010

A5 Filofax Dodo Pad diary inserts priced to move immediately

I just got word yesterday that a box of 96 Dodo Pad 2010 A5 Filofax diary inserts was unexpectedly found in their inventory (previously ‘lost’ in the warehouse!), and now Dodo Pad wants to move them out. Since this is the first year for this product, at this point they just want to get them into customers' hands in the hopes that you will like them, and want to buy them again for next year.

Lord Dodo's Ebay shop has these diary inserts for a very low price. Or, you can make an offer - I encourage you to see how low you can go! Shipping has even been discounted to the bare minimum, especially for overseas orders. It's a great time to try it and see if you like it – it's certainly the most fun, yet highly functional, diary insert for an A5 Filofax I've ever seen.

Here is the link to the diary insert on Ebay.com, with the discounted International shipping.

Here is the link to the A5 Dodo Pad 2010 Filofax inserts on Ebay UK.

* Disclaimer: I am affiliated with Dodo Pad, but not a representative of Dodo Pad. I do not make any money from these products, so this is in no way a sales pitch.

I use this product myself, and I love it (which is saying a lot from someone who's as fickle about planners as I am!) and I think lots of people would like it too. This is a great opportunity to try the product for a very low price.


  1. Thanks, Laurie! I just bid on it for 4.95 GBP and got it - probably could have gone a bit lower! Still - great price, and I'm looking forward to using these.

  2. Great Claudia! I'm loving mine. It definitely livens up my Filofax and is fun to use! I'd love to hear what you think about it when you get it.