29 May 2010

Guest Post: Nickie's Heart Filofax

Here is a guest post from Nickie: a review of her Personal size Heart Filofax! Thank you Nickie!!

Heart Organiser (Personal) in Yellow

When I saw this Filofax previewed at the end of March 2010 I just knew I had to get one to be the polar opposite to my personal/work A5 black Metropol. I also already had a use for it – it would be my writing journal; somewhere to jot down ideas, keep a log of articles that I’d written, make notes about my blog entries, etc.

I ordered it about a week after its release (April 2010) and when it arrived it included a week-to-two page diary to the end of December 2011 (so no need to purchase a new diary insert at the end of this year), pastel shaded 1-6 dividers (in green, pink and blue) with the 13-section A-Z in the same pastel shades. Also included were the usual transparent flyleaf, the ruler-page marker, the World map, four pages of coloured and ruled paper in the same pastel shades, name and address sheets, to-do sheets, white ruled notepaper and a top opening envelope (which I always find really handy).

Both the front and rear inside covers are a mid-purple colour, each with a pocket. A purple elasticated pen holder is on the right hand side of the Filofax and a purple elastic loop holds the Filofax closed. If I was to make one criticism, it would be to say that the cover is textured and will get dirty easily and not wipe clean.

As I mentioned (and I know that Laurie is on the edge of her seat waiting for this bit...), the Filofax is now in everyday use as my writing journal.

1. I have the diary in section 1 where I record all the pieces I have uploaded to my blog, the dates that I have pieces published away from my blog and a reminder of any dates where I am due to submit pieces that I have been commissioned to write. At the back of section 1 is my name and address section.

2. In section 2 are all the notes and ideas for a parenting website that I write for Mumable.

3. Section 3 houses all my blog notes (settings, schedule for a series of stories/guest posts, interview notes).

4. Section 4 is my scrapbook – here are all my ideas for blog posts, short stories, the two novels that I eventually want to write, quotes, snippets of over-heard conversations, lists, character names, etc and it is TOP SECRET!

5. Section 5 is where I store all my writing course notes and prompts. I am a member of an e-Writing Course at the moment and also receive weekly prompts from another blog to help hone my writing skills and to let me experiment with different styles and genres.

6. Section 6 is “all the rest” – spare pages, blank to-do lists and day planner pages ready to use and slip into the appropriate diary page and the obligatory World map.

I have bought more page inserts for my Filofax since and I have kept in with the theme of pastel shades. I think that this Filofax is definitely a “girlie” organiser and was aptly timed for a Spring release. It is also one of the most affordable Filofaxes that I have seen for a while.

Many thanks again to Nickie for this excellent review!

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  1. Just got to have one now!

  2. Thanks for posting up the review, Laurie :)

    JfB57 - it is even lovlier in Real Life ;)

  3. I am on my...**ahem** sixth filofax..Love them!

  4. Nickie, as you know we're all in love with your A5 Metropol! Couldn't wait to read this entry - you're very creative with your filofaxes!

  5. LOL Michele :) Maybe I should start a fan club for my filofaxes :D