20 May 2010

New Products

Filofax UK have posted some pictures of new products that are going to be added to the range soon.

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  1. The red Adelphi actually is a Slimline A5, right?

  2. I have just had the filofax rep in the shop showing me the new products, and I asked about the Adelphi being a slimline in A5 as so many people have commented on it, but she said it is not a slimline and there are no plans to do it in slimline. She showed me the a5 product and it has the same size rings as the other A5's. SHe may be wrong but I doubt it.

  3. I saw the A5 Adelphi "slimline" product at the Filofax shop in London last month. The rings are 20 mm, which is slightly smaller than other A5 Filofaxes (compared to Finsbury with 30 mm rings). There is no strap closure, and the cover width is narrower at 186 mm (compared to Finsbury A5 width at 204 mm for example). For these reasons, they are calling the A5 Adelphi a slimline.

    But, it has full-length gusseted pockets inside both the front and back covers, which add to the bulk and thickness of the book. For this reason, I would not call this product actually slimline.