27 June 2013

Philofaxy Awards 2013

Some of you might recall the Philofaxy Awards held last year, winners in each category received a Filofax personal organiser from the London 2012 Olympics range.

Following my triumph in the recent Filofax Setting the Scene for Summer challenge I have the following Filofax personal organisers with Philofaxy cards to donate.

Fusion in Black, Saffiano in Aqua and Bright Purple

We would like to hold the Philofaxy Awards 2013 and we need your help.

These awards are in the following categories:
  • Best New Filofax Blogger (Saffiano Personal Aqua) 
  • Best Filofax Video Blogger (Saffiano Personal Purple) 
  • Best Filofax Photography (Saffiano Personal Aqua) 
  • Most Artistic Filofax/ Blog (Saffiano Personal Purple) 
  • Best All Rounder (Fusion) - Reader, Commenter, Contributor to Facebook, Open catergory 
The awards will work like this:
    1. Each reader can nominate 1 blog or person for each category listed above.
    2. Each category will have a separate vote (all voted on at the same time) with people being able to vote for one entry in each category.
    3. Nominations by Email only to philofaxy at gmail dot com with the category as the subject of the email. Include the name of the person and the name of the blog (if applicable), a link to the site, You Tube Channel or to the person's Flickr/Instagram pictures if they don't have a blog.
    4. Voting to run for 10 days From 4th July onwards. 
    5. The awards are open to everyone no matter where you are in the world...as long as you have a postal service and you are a reader/commenter on Philofaxy 
    6. Prizes have been pre-allocated to each category as indicated above. Prize winners can choose to swap between them selves if they wish with the agreement of both parties of course.  No cash alternatives are available. 
    7. If you doesn't wish to claim your prize, Steve will be quite happy to sell your prize on Adspot with the money received going straight to Chimwemwe and then posting it to the buyer. 
    8. The decision of the judges will be final. 
      Nominations must be received by 12 noon (UK time) 4th July 2013 for inclusion in the voting process.

      We look forward to receiving your nominations.


      1. Hi! I think this is a great concept. But would you be open to the idea of having a contest giveaway for people who do not have Filofaxes yet and who are thinking of switching into the Filofax system? You can ask them something like, "How do you plan to adopt the Filofax system from your previous system?" or something like that. The wealth of ideas your community could get will be tremendous.

        1. Hi, nice idea although I'm not quite sure how we would judge which was the best submission. We will have other giveaways in the future so we might be able to use your idea then.
          Thank you

      2. Just want to say great idea Steve and good luck in advance to all the nominees!

        1. Thank you, already received some this morning.

        2. It's going to be more exciting than the Academy Awards!

      3. How exciting! I'm going to go and think about my nominations now :)

      4. Brilliant, I would love one of these, but there's so many fantastic bloggers out there. Please someone vote for me! lol

      5. Oh, I'll have to try to decide who to nominate. Ah, I'd love an aqua Saffiano. If only you could nominate yourself ;) hahah!

      6. Nice binders, good of FF to donate them. Now to think on nominations - so many creative people out there. Time for some serious coffee to help me think this over. :)

      7. Started to select my nominees for each category and realized this will not be that easy. We have multiple great selections for each category. Time to go back and research blogs, videos, Facebook, etc. Good luck to everyone!

      8. I am so glad that none of these are red! If so, I would have to launch a campaign to get votes...and that is waaay too much work.

        I have so many "favorite" bloggers and YouTubers...this is gonna be tough to narrow it down. I like point #7. Nice way to help the charity if these particular FF don't appeal to you.

        Best of luck to everyone!

      9. I haven't been around the online Filofax community for very long so this will get me reading, and watching. :) Good luck to all!

      10. As Oor Wullie says in the Scottish comic strip..... Jings!!! So many great bloggers and Philofaxy folks to choose from and nominate and each and everyone so darned good. Personally I vote for wee Esme in her own special category....!!!

      11. Is it possible for 1 person to be nominated in 2 different categories?

        1. Yes a person can be nominated for more than one category.

          If two readers nominate the same person for the same category it only counts as one nomination.

      12. Lovely Filos! Thank you for this blog, I just stumbled on it and am really enjoying all the posts, particularly the round ups. :)

      13. How exciting. I'm to new to blogging about my Filofax but how fun for those who get nominated!! Good luck everyone!!


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