14 November 2012

All Change!

Having printed my A5 inserts for next year, I decided to have a session sorting through my A5 inserts and A5 organisers to get them in to order properly. It's quite therapeutic and I now understand the enjoyment some of you get from this sort of task.

Top Left to Right, Spare inserts in box, Filo Pal Malden , Archive Diary Finsbury
Bottom Left to Right, Work Holborn, Main Malden
So what changed.... first up I wanted to turn my A5 Finsbury into my Diary Archive binder, with big 30mm rings I figured it will hold at least a couple of years worth of diary inserts. So I removed all the pages. I then gave it a little clean up.

Here's a tip on the cloth interior of the Finsbury you often get paper dust sticking to the cloth. Take a length of sticky tape (scotch tape) press it sticky side down on to the cloth, then rip it off and the paper dust sticks to the tape and you get a nice clean and dust free surface. You might need to do this a couple of times, but it works! Also great for getting dust out of the turn ups in your trousers!

So with this years archived pages moved in to the Finsbury I put that back in the cupboard. Next up I got down my Holborn Zip. It had come with a standard fill with the exception of the diary. So I removed all the pages put them to one side and then slotted in the pages and dividers from the Finsbury. The Holborn is now my Property Search organiser, the content is the same as described here, so I won't repeat myself, but what I like about the Holborn with it being a zip organiser I will be able to keep a better check on house description sheets, business cards etc that sometimes slip out if they haven't been punched.

I also emptied my two grey Malden A5's they were just carrying spare pages. I was then able to sort though all my spare pages and inserts in A5 size and get those in order. I don't have too many inserts for A5 as I tend to print what I need when I need them.

The smaller ring grey A5 Malden I've now turned in to my Filo Pal organiser, which I will tell you about in another post. The larger ring or standard 30 mm ring grey A5 is now empty and on standby should I wish to swap out of my orchre A5 Malden which is my current main planner. Like a good pair of leather shoes it is good to give them a rest every so often!

So how often do you sort through the contents of your Filofax, what ever size it is, or shuffle the contents from one organiser to another?


  1. I received my A5 brown Holborn zip today and I just had to share it with a community that understood...

    My husband just doesnt get it...

    I think I'm going to use it as my daily diary type and use my a5 Identity as an archive type thing.

    I can't stop stroking it. And smelling it. Which my husband really, really doesn't understand!

    1. I understand! I reentry purchased the Holborn Zip A5 in Wine and I love love love it! - so much so that I bought the Personal Holborn Zip in Wine and I am in heaven. I can't stop stroking them either and marveling at all the pockets and utility in general. The only thing wrong is I don't know what to do - how to use for what - all my other newly acquired Filos!

  2. Hi Steve!

    Now that we're in downsizing mode, I've been going through my own 'stock' of binders and inserts, and have sold the personal Malden and the A5 Kendal today, so I'm down to a choice between my vintage Hampstead personal and my black A5 Finsbury, as I'm only keeping one.

    Like you, I'm planning to spend a couple of house emptying both binder and setting them up again tomorrow, and then deciding which set-up I'm going forward into 2013 with....what a great time of year this is for making new plans and new set-ups!

    I haven't 'shuffled' my set-ups for a while now (except for moving the entire set-up from one binder to another), and it's very refreshing.

  3. Love the owl stickers! And the Maldens. I need to shuffle and realign as well; thanks for the inspiring post. :)


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