03 November 2012

Web Finds - 3 November 2012

Here are the latest Filofax blog posts from around the web:
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And here are the latest Video finds from the web



  1. Can I add mine to the list please?


    1. Wow, Natalie. I love your Chrono view of your day. I am going to borrow that idea and put it into action today.

    2. If you have an A5 I can email you he PDF if you like? It's a bit rough but it works for me.

    3. That would be great! I'm use Personal size, but can shrink it down. cloudberrymusings at gmail dot com

  2. Hello! Love these web finds list! Been a longtime lover of planners but a newbie in the lovely world of Filofax. I love it here so much, I think I'll stay for awhile. :)

  3. Interesting business link to the Scotsman. Curious on UK readers' thoughts (from the US here) - could the cut in profit be due to investment in repatriation of production from China to domestic (noted at the end of the article)? And I wonder if the non-renewal of the credit facility has to do with simplifying their books ahead of a company sale. What's the perspective more locally? Bad news headline might not be all bad news...

    1. John - the drop in profits is not due to moving some Letts diary manufacture back to Scotland. It is down to falling sales across their ranges coupled with increased costs. Sales were down 10% in 2011 on top of a 7% drop in 2010. Figures for 2012 are rumoured to be even worse. Total sales (£52m) are now lower than they were when Letts Filofax Group was created in 2001 (£55m). Profits are down for the third year running and the venture capitalists want out. There are other factors but it's a tough time for manufacturers of paper diaries and organisers in our tablet and smart phone world. Prepare for some shock changes in the next year or two.

    2. There's more to the Letts situation than some may think. The typical customer, perhaps more so than the population as a whole, will be:

      1. More likely to have access to cloud based diary systems than ever before.
      2. More likely to be uncomfortable about purchasing products made in low wage economies on the other side of the globe than ever before.
      3. More likely to be aware of the environmental impact of unsustainable paper manufacture than ever before.
      4. More likely, through social and other media channels, to make purchasing descisions based on reviews by their peers than ever before.

      And of course, who really wants to buy a diary insert in five languages, just because the supplier wants to boost their economies of scale, when it's so easy these days to print your own. Or indeed have to wait until almosr half the year is gone, before being able to get a diary for the following year.

      There will always be those of us who prefer paper diaries but, as our numbers diminish, the only suppliers likely to survive will be those who recognise the need to listen to their customers, a concept that seems to be unfamiliar to certain companies in this field.

  4. Obviously. I've heard of David Allen and the GTD system, but I have never really looked into. I found his lecture very interesting and spot-on in many ways. I think this may be the start of really looking into the GTD system. My system works very well for me, but like many things, it could probably use some improvements. Thanks for sharing this!