26 November 2012

Philofaxy London Meet Up - November 2012

Well it is two years since we started our meet up's in London. This was the 7th meet up in London, they have all tended to follow a similar formula, different people but the same sort of friendly exchanges.

The main difference with this one was the weather... it rained and it rained and it rained... non-stop! We have been fortunate on all our previous London meet ups in that we have had dry weather. Just good luck really. 

I went up on the train from Kent to London, we have been staying on a farm in Kent this last week, once again as luck would have it for me this week... there were delays on the trains, but I was still at the venue about an hour before the place even opened!

So we all met up at Vapiano near to Tate Modern and enjoyed a great meal and lots of chatting and sharing our Filofax organisers around the table. There was just the 9 of us this time, but quite a few new people, and a few people that had been before, but it was great to see everyone.

During lunch there was a lot of talk about things people wanted to look at and possibly buy at City Organiser. I have learnt from my previous mistakes, I always make a list in my Filofax to ensure I don't forget to look at something or to buy something.... with so many things to look at the shop it is easy to forget something critical. In my case postage can become quite expensive on small value mail order purchases. 

We made our way to City Organiser after lunch, taking the shortest route with our umbrellas and raincoats! It was great to see Bernard and Aline at the shop. As usual we wandered in and all the chatter stopped..... eyes went like saucers and people started looking at all the different things in the shop. We managed to stay out of the stock room this time, although there was still a fair bit of comparisons going on by looking at the total stock of purple Maldens.  

We did a few group photos indoors because it was still raining... and it was dark outside!  We all made our home, happy but a little damp!

If you missed the meet up... then don't forget the current promo code for City Organiser, details are as follows: 

With Christmas on the horizon, we thought we would get everyone in the Christmas mood by sending a festive 10% discount voucher to all our loyal customers to use when spending over £30. As you know, our everyday prices are already reduced from most manufacturers rrps so this is a chance to save something worthwhile on your Christmas spending, *The code expires on Monday Dec 4th and can be applied to all our products except Montblanc.
To redeem the discount simply use the code xmas during the checkout process.

And of course some photos.....

I hope everyone enjoyed the day as much as I did, I can now look forward to planning the next one some time in spring 2013. Thank you to everyone who came along today, and also a big thank you to City Organiser for their help and assistance and their support for our group this year. 


  1. Looked like you all had a great time! I wish I could have been there too :-( the last week for me was not at all what I expected. Will email you Steve.

  2. Looks like you all had a great time and I wish I could have been there!

    But what I want to know is: what was purchased?!?! ;D

    1. Yes I'm with Laurie - I want purchase details!!! Hope you all had a great time and got back safely.

    2. I need to pay attention more! I think a purple Malden was definitely bought, a Finsbury A5 was seriously being looked at.

      I collected a Holborn Compact which had been bought for me as a gift.... look out for a future post comparing the Holborn Compact with my Malden Compact Zip, so a zip non-zip comparison.

      I also bought some more personal plain cotton cream paper, and a pocket insert (just incase I downsize sometime in the year)

    3. Steve - you have no idea how much pleasure we get from surrogate purchasing!

    4. I got a personal Aston in brown (chocolate). It's going to contain my gtd project lists and info.

  3. I was the one browsing the A5 Finsbury's. Really liked the new Blue, so vibrant! Unfortunately, the rings were wonky in ALL A5 Finsbury's. I later checked some at St. Lewis, Harrods, WHSmith and Ryan. ALL HAD GAPS! I must say, I am truly shocked! My first ever Filofax, an A5 pink Finsbury, which has endured heavy use and stuffing, still has perfectly aligned rings ...

    1. My black A5 Finsbury has perfectly aligned rings......I’ve never had a problem with it.

  4. Looks like you all had a great time! If only it wasn't Thanksgiving here in the states I might have flown over. My West Yorkshire bred boyfriend keeps saying I should go to a London meet up!


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