13 November 2012

Web Finds - 13 November 2012

Here are the latest Filofax blog posts from around the internet:
  1. Card arrived for my Filofax dividers! - Jagged Little Thoughts
  2. My Filofax Regency Compact used as a wallet! - My Filo World
  3. Mein Filofax Jahreskalender 2013 - Month on 2 Page... - Chaotic Perfectionist
  4. Blogging Schedule Insert: Revisited - Planning with Printed Portal
  5. Budget pages for your Filofax for free download - My Life All in One Place
  6. Filofax Arrival; Personal Adelphi Purple Review - My Filo World
  7. Colors, Colors, Colors! My Colorful Filofaxes Malden, Adelphi and Amazona - My Filoworld
  8. 13.5 lists - Bits of Me
  9. A Virgin Planner - Bits of Me
  10. What was your first filofax? - Paperplane Thinking 
  11. Filofax 365/30: What colours should they add to the existing Filofax range?  - Planning with Printed Portal
  12. A spot of Filofaxing ready for 2013... All Things Stationery
  13. my filofax week #30 - Paper Lovestory 
  14. Organizing: Filofax - Diary girl 
  15. Another Filofax To Add To The Collection - Typecast
  16. My Bargain Filofax !! - Filo Obsessed
  17. Filofax Pen Loop hack with the Leuchtturm 1917 - My Filo World
  18. Getting ready for Christmas - Cloudberry Musings
  19. Filofax - Puddytat Purr
  20. What I write and keep in my Filofax :) - Filofax Love
  21. In which we discuss Planner Fail and DownsizingHoney and Filofaxes
  22. Tutorial! And something my Momma gave me - AppleHead Threads
  23. The Secret Language of Planning - Daily Thoughts and Random Ideas 
And here are the latest Filofax videos from around the internet.



  1. Here is another video if you'd like to check it out. It's a review on the personal size Holborn :)


  2. Sorry I've been out all day and didn't get home in time to update the post with today's published posts and any videos that have appeared on You Tube in the last 24 hours.

    Anything not in this post will be included in the post on Saturday.

    Going to be abit of an odd week because I will be in Edinburgh on Friday night!

  3. I love Tuesdays!!! lol I love to browse all these blogs and watch the videos..