21 November 2012

Philofaxy Meet Up - Sydney 2013

Photo: © Philip Morton
Following a series of discussions and exchanges on one of the Facebook groups, a bunch of people in the Southern Hemisphere realised they were closer geographically than they originally thought! I of course chipped in with the idea of them meeting up Philofaxy style.... 

Arienne of Life is Crafted fame has kindly offered to be the point of contact/co-ordinate the meet up in Sydney.

Arienne is thinking that there could potentially be a meet up in a bookstore in the Sydney Central Business District in February or March 2012 if there is enough interest.

Perhaps a Saturday afternoon. Flexible with dates really depending on when interested people might be free.

She is also thinking next year because we are going into the silly season/holiday time.

So if you would like to register your interest and be part of this meet up, please contact Arienne  hello [at] lifeiscrafted [dot] com

Photo: © Philip Morton


  1. If only it was in Melbourne :(

  2. Thanks Steve! I don't know about the 'fame' part :)

    I'm excited to meet some Filofax like minds face-to-face in Sydney! Mlblog - can you organise a business trip to coincide?? ;)

    Get in touch and we can see what we can coordinate. Go Philofaxers!

  3. Dear Husband, that large debit from our current account. Yes it was me, sorry, needed to get a ticket to go to another one of those online meet ups.... Some how I think he might veto this one! But I am in Australia for several weeks in Feb 2014 so a good list of stationery stores would be lovely. I have plenty of time to plan!!

  4. You guys can go to Peters of Kensington ,they have quite a large range Filofax and other brand agenda in store. And they also have a nice Cafe inside as we'll