14 August 2013

Tips for Filofax Video Bloggers

Here are some great tips for people making Filofax videos on You Tube.
  • Vertical videos - Make sure your camera is shooting in landscape mode not portrait mode.  Take a look at this video if you don't understand this problem...
  • Turn off your fans/air conditioning in the room you are shooting your video, the noise of them will drown out your speech. 
  • Try to improve the lighting within the capture area of the camera, may be use additional lighting to make the subject area as bright as possible. 
  • Make sure you Title, Tag and describe your video as accurately as possible
  • Please do not use potentially offensive or graphic language in the title or in your video itself. Whilst we are all adults, Philofaxy does have some under 18/under 13 readers, let's keep it safe for everyone.  
  • Background - Think about what’s sitting behind you before you hit the record button. It’s very difficult to take someone seriously if behind them is an unmade bed, and junk scattered all over their desk. It can be distracting to viewers. 
  • Keep it simple - Don’t make something more complex than it needs to be, especially when trying to communicate with other people. 
  • Short is good - YouTube will limit beginners to 10 minutes, so it’s important that you use those 10 minutes wisely. Don't babble too much about things like what you ate for breakfast, it has nothing to do with your video and you are wasting precious time. Most people will tune out after the first minute or two. 
  • Links - make sure to link back to where you got your sources, where products can be found, and to your blog if you have one. 
  • Don't start your video making apologies for the technical quality, most people won't notice if you don't tell them, or they will know what the issue is, but still watch it. 
  • Use a tripod or some sort of camera support so that it leaves both your hands free to demostrate your Filofax or show how you do things. Whilst it makes me chuckle seeing people struggle with one hand, it is not very professional.   There's no need to invest in a big heavy Manfrotto tripod like I have for my DSLR.  I love Ray's simple invention - 'Improvised iPhone desktop video studio v2.0' it's made out of an archive box lid and some rolled up cardboard for legs! The big opening is obviously so you can see what your hands are doing!
Improvised iPhone desktop video studio v2.0

I would like to thank Jennifer over at 'My Purpley Life' for her input on this post, you can visit her You Tube channel, or her blog  'My Purpley Life'.

Thank you also to Ray Blake for permission to use the above picture... the man is a genius! You can see his videos on his You Tube channel and of course his blog 'My Life All in One Place

I have also written a post on my own blog about tips for Filofax bloggers, go and take a look 

I look forward to seeing more great set up videos and organiser reviews in the near future. 


  1. I agree with the suggestions above; also' if you're filming near a window, please put yourself or your planner facing the light, not with your back to it. Otherwise your subject is in shadow. Please also speak clearly. I've seen some videos where I can only barely make out what people are saying.

  2. Love Ray's invention! brilliant!

  3. As always, Steve--outstanding

  4. Great set up and inexpensive too!

  5. This is a great post! I'd love to see more on Ray's invention,,,,,is there also a cut out for the iPhone camera above the larger cutout?

  6. While I myself use a 4-dollar tripod for my iPhone and have taped it to a bookshelf that's hanging over my desk, I think Ray's "studio" is just brilliant!

    I think I can just about see the small cut in the archive box lid for the iPhone camera.

    (Note: I deleted my prior post because of typos.)

  7. Great post Ray! Wonderful first time filming tips for me. I started filling out my reader spotlight interview you emailed me. I want to make a video, and tweak a few things in my filofax..... I'll be in contact:)
    Kelly :)


  8. Great tips! I will use them in my next video.

  9. Love Rays improvised overhead tripod. Might have to give that a try as still not found the perfect PWM position yet for overhead filming. Kerrymay._.Makes