23 August 2013

Free For All Friday No. 249

A Free For All Friday with a little bit of a difference.... we would like to introduce Guest Post Thursday, this will be the chance for any of our readers to send in a short (or a long) guest post to add to the variety of the posts on Philofaxy.

The post can be about anything as long as it is Filofax or other ring bound organiser related, no sales pitches for travel companies please!

If you are interested in taking part in Guest Post Thursday please contact us here at philofaxy at gmail  dot com

But as always as it is a Friday you are of course free to discuss anything Filofax or ring bound planner related.  Have a great weekend.


  1. So how did I go from having one filofax that had not been touched for years to owning nine, and all in the space of three weeks? The simple answer is Philofaxy. I saw a link and clicked and life changed, as it sometimes does when new horizons get opened for you.

    At Philofaxy I saw the support and advice freely given by the community, gawped at the beauty and ingenuity of the ways contributors have personalised their organisers, and coveted the different products lovingly described and photographed for sharing. And now, for good or ill, I think I am addicted.

    So, thank you Philofaxy for leading me forward. Perhaps I can be allowed to blog on Thursday to share what I use and how I plan to use it and I will certainly need some tips and advice. Perhaps I can also try to share some.

    1. Hi Jerry
      Yes please do a guest post.

      This site does have certain 'enabling' characteristics...


  2. Hi!
    I qm thinking about getting a Filofax specifically for school, but not for notes. Could anyone give me any ideas of possible sections?
    Also, what is the leather like on the A5 Blue Malden?
    Thanks much!

    1. Will the Filofax be specifically for school only? The sections are completely dependent on what you need. A section per subject?
      Sections for homework, timetable/time management, after school clubs, study tips and importantly free time etc etc. the list is endless.
      I have a pocket purple Malden and a personal ochre Malden. The leather is beautiful and supple on both Filofaxes but it is slightly different. They are both shiny, i have seen some which are more textured than mine. The leather on the pocket seems a little stiffer and has a few wrinkles in it, the personal size is altogether much smoother and floppier. This is the nature of the Malden, no two are exactly the same. If i wanted a Malden i would simply go ahead and buy one, i wouldn't worry about the leather at all because regardless of the exact leather they are all soft and pretty floppy and i'm sure you'll love the one you buy.

  3. Here's something for those of you (us) doggedly swimming against the digital tide.....


    1. Makes me smile when I see that sort of thing. Love technology as much as I do, I still find pen and paper the quickest way for a lot of things in everyday life. Sure technology has it's uses but not for everything.

    2. In that case here's another one!


    3. I miss the days of stores that let me browse planners for hours. (I'm in America, so that means Franklin Covey, not Filofax, but still. Boo for shutting them.)

      That's all.

      You did say "free for all," right? ;)

    4. I don't know why I accidentally replied to David, but hi, David! Thanks for giving me something to read. It's *almost* like browsing.

  4. Guest post Thursday is a great idea! I'm sure it will get the people over on Facebook excited about the Philofaxy website, and we can re-ignite the community over here again :)

  5. There has to be a better way to coordinate my planning and contacts. I am seeking advice from those who combine paper planning with eplanning.
    First, planning:
    I have been using a self-created Excel spreadsheet for my agenda which so far has been only in a Personal. It is a bit “clunky” to use, since it is laid out to facilitate printing back-to-back, so the days are not in natural chronological order. I KNOW I could have one tab in natural chronological order with another tab for the page layout done with links and that is Plan B or maybe C.
    I think I want something like Google Calendar so that I can access and update from almost anywhere, or since I use a Blackberry, the Blackberry calendaring software, but what I see seems limited in terms of printing, and the layouts that can be used. I use Thunderbird as my email client and its add-in for some calendaring, but I haven’t fully committed to the latter. The only layout that works for me is vertical week on two pages, starting on Monday with Saturday & Sunday each using half a column. Complicating this is that I am in the process of setting up a B5 Deskfax for my stay-at-home, on my desk, master planner. (I find the ring compatibility with Personal to be fantastic.) Therefore, a software solution would need to be printable to both formats. My spreadsheet would need two printable tabs due to the different aspect ratios, if I go with Plan B.
    Now, Contacts:
    The Blackberry and Thunderbird address books are useless to me since they add every person I have ever emailed. To illustrate the problem this creates, this coming term I am teaching 200 university students and coordinating a course with 500 students, so you can imagine the contact book clutter I will quickly get. For my wife, I put her address book into Excel with a master database tab and then created a print layout tab using links. The result is good, but once again, rather “clunky” to use. My experience with off-shelf address software has not been great. I like the flexibility to have large entries for couples where I have, for example, three address contacts (2 work and 1 home), maybe 7 contact numbers (home, two work, two mobile and two fax) and 3 or 4 emails. However, for someone like Steve Morton, I would only have name and email and would not want all the wasted space of a fixed, standardized layout. What I did for my wife’s address book does allow me to manually edit out the rows that would never get used. What would be an ideal implementation would have for every blank field one of two markers to indicate either (1) this field will not be used for this entry, so do not leave the space when printing, or (2) leave the space for this field because I may want to add this manually on the hardcopy printout.
    My daughter is telling me to learn Microsoft Access.
    Your advice is solicited and I thank you in advance.

    1. I should add that I have both Filofax software, Print To File, which works great, and the Address Book, which I was quite frustrated with and gave up using.

    2. AS you are using Exel you should stick to microsoft and use Access. There are many tutorials on the net to start you,
      Access will work with MS Word,so you will be able to format the output.
      If you want to access the database from anyware use the cloud edition.
      You will able to transfer your Exel file to Access.
      Best wishes

  6. I just read Laurie's post on Plannerisms, about whether or not you feel ridiculous pulling out a big planner when out and about in public. I have a rather large size planner because I just can never seem to fit my life into a small planner. And, I don't give a hoot what people think about my big planner. I think people (in general) nowadays laugh or scratch their head at anyone who has any kind of paper planner because people are so into electronic planners now. Just my two cent's worth.

  7. I asked this in the facebook group, but there were no takers. I can't be the only Pagan with a planner addiction though! So, if there are any Pagans here, have you used a Filofax/FC/etc. as a Book of Shadows or etc. In my own path, I don't do spells or rituals, but I would like set up an A5 binder as a BoS of sorts. I'm just curious about what kind of divissions you made etc. Thanks!

  8. Does anyone know in which year the mini size was introduced?