13 August 2013

Web Finds - 13 August 2013

Here are the latest Filofax blog posts from around the Internet:
  1. My 60's Filofax. - Hello Ella
  2. Loving My Cuban Friend - Roses in December
  3. Pocket Pink Finsbury Filofax - Team Filofax
  4. My next organizer :) - Le monde de Mzelle
  5. Introduction - Fi-Lily, Fi-lo
  6. Chronodex - Brain Unfettered
  7. Back from crazy! PLUS PLANNER FAIL - Creating Apples
  8. In love with the Original! - Life of Kitty
  9. Personal green Lizard Filofax! - Belzira's Corner
  10. Organised Mum Inserts Review  - Creating Apples
  11. Filofax Personal inserts for Letter Paper users - My Life All in One Place
  12. Address Refills with Animal Characters! - Filofax Love
  13. Tips For New Filofax Owners - This Hobbit's Life
  14. Filofax Ashton Mini Vs. Finsbury Pocket - Avo's Life
  15. What Do You Do With All Those Extra Filofax Insert... - Aimless Allee
  16. Filofax Finsbury Pocket and Mighty Wallet - Aquatique
  17. Midori Traveler’s Notebook VS. Filofax - Creating Apples
  18. Filofax Wedding: Organiser v Scrapbook - Leesh - World of Wonders
  19. Two more Filofax Personal inserts for Letter Paper... - My Life All in One Place
  20. Planner, you need to go on a diet!!! - Innocent + Twisted
  21. Filofax auf Reisen (7): Vive la France! - Filomaniac
  22. Review of the Pocket Flex by Filofax - Paper Pens Ink
  23. My Ostrich Wallet - Thoughts and Exploration
  24. Rainbow tabs, page markers and pockets - Jagged Little Thoughts
  25. My week 32/52-pocket Malden filofax!!! - My Summer Touch
  26. Personal Purple Malden- Decorated Dividers Part 1. - Indigo Blue
  27. Organize Your Priorities - One Fantastic Find
  28. Paperchase Debossed - Disorganised Me
  29. Amazona Geldbörse - Seelen Zucker
  30. Chronodex - Ambient Diary
  31. A5 Filofax Size Weekly Menu - Clever Soiree
  32. A Look at my Filofax - Summer 2013 - My Organised Life
  33. Weekly Recurrences happen, don’t they? - Lime Tree
  34. Another Gillio...the darkbrown Compagna :o)) - Chrissie's Universe
  35. Template for printing directly on Filofax Personal... - My Life All in One Place
  36. My week round-up #32 - Paper Lovestory
  37. Thrifty Filofaxing- Paint Chips - Incarnations of Organization
  38. Filofax The Original Fashion Decade - Coquet Noelle
  39. The Original Fashion Decade // Blogger Challenge with Filofax - Copper Garden
  40. Filofax Domino Review - Nina Christensen
  41. The Dodopad Acad-Pad Personal Size Filofax Insert - Curly& Candid
  42. Back To School With Filofax and Lord Dodo - Lady Tamlynn
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And here are a selection of the latest Filofax videos for your enjoyment.
  1. Ice Cream in My Fluorescent Pink Original Filofax - Filocuteness
  2. Kyms A5 Filofax patent fuchsia setup for prayer and bible study. - Kym Brown
  3. Decorating My Filofax Personal Organiser - Week #33 - My Purpley Life
  4. My Review: Finchley & Aston - My Purpley Life
  5. Filofax Weekly Update -Week 33 - Leslie Hickis
  6. Sunday Chat No.15 - New Filofax's & Gifts!! - adamsfilo
  7. Filofax Decoration W.33 - adamsfilo
  8. Filofax Setup - Summer 2013 - LovelyOrganizedLife
  9. Giveaway Time - for you & your Filofax! - LovelyOrganizedLife
  10. Personalized Filofax Dividers - sugarpandax3
  11. The Original by Filofax | Made In The UK - Filofax UK
  12. My set up of the A5 Fluro Pink Origional Filofax. - Samantha Holland
New to the Filofax UK website this week:



  1. Just wanted to add a quick "Wow" on the new Filofax additions. While the compact size is too small for my everyday needs, I love them for my Travel-o-fax. The "purse" seems like a beautified Pennybridge/Compact Malden version. But with removable rings. And it's interesting! Same with the Journey travel companion. That washed leather look looks pretty darn appealing.

    Dare I say it?

    Okay then: Well done, Filofax!

    1. Hi Judith
      I'm pleased you like some of the new designs. Quite a variety of different designs this year too.

      I did a review of the Journey Travel Companion a few weeks ago here: