03 August 2013

Web Finds - 3 August 2013

Here are the latest Filofax blog posts from around the Internet:
  1. Filofax Insert Update - Quo Vadis Blog
  2. Trial and Error... - The Filofaxtory
  3. Pile O' Fax - The Crazy Suburban Mom
  4. Convincing Myself - Thinking versus doing
  5. Filofax A5 Time Management Inserts - This Bugs Life
  6. Personal Red Lizard Filofax - This Bugs Life
  7. Inside my Personal Filo (video update) - Practically Pretty
  8. Arrival of the Mulberry Pocket Book and moving in! - My Filoworld
  9. A bit of fun: styling my deco - Paper Lovestory
  10. A5 Ochre Malden - Set Up and Ready for Work - Pretty Little Pocket
  11. Mein erster Gillio! - Seelen Zucker
  12. Filofax Numbers - Roses in December
  13. 3. Filofax Photo-A-Day Challenge (4) - Filomaniac
  14. Introduction to my A5 Aqua Malden... with an interesting twist!! - The Life of The Perpetual Student 
  15. Matching your bag to your Filofax - The Storage Studio 
  16. Omg hello kitty a 5 euro!!!! - My written paper world
  17. Competition!!! A5 Aqua Malden! - The Life of The Perpetual Student 
  18. 365/30: August's List - Filomaniac
  19. Use Your Planner, Especially When You Don’t Want To! - Homemakers Daily
  20. Personal Savannah Filofax in Camel - This Bugs Life
  21. Washi Wednesday #3 - My Purpley Life
  22. The family who filofaxes together... - Coffee & Stationery 
  23. July Filofax Photo-a-Day Challenge - Week Five Round Up - Thoughts & Exploration
  24. Filofax, Midori and Moleskine pages sizes compared - My Life All in One Place
  25. Take the GTD lesson on Ted-Ed - GTD Times
  26. Meet up in N├╝rnberg? - Filomaniac
  27. Filofax Friday DIY Filofax Inserts & Midori Refill Booklets... - Rhomany's Art Journal
  28. July Filofax photo-a-day challenge, week five - She's Eclectic
  29. Gasp! It's not a Filofax! - Not so Boring 
  30. Filofax Friday  Filofax Friday - DIY Filofax Inserts &... - Rhomany's Art Journal
  31. Filofax vs. Ordning&Reda overall and strap lengths... - The Crazy Suburban Mom
  32. Black Slimline Eton Filofax - This Bugs Life
  33. Student Shopping: Tips on Auction Sites (And My EBay Addiction) - Ninegrandstudent
  34. Nerding out my "Tardis" - Crafty Thingamabobs
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And here are a selection of the latest Filofax videos for your enjoyment.
  1. Filofax for beginners: How to set up your Filofax - katebtps
  2. Filofax Regency - Crystal Charles
  3. New Compact Calipso Filofax in deep pink - Sonia S
  4. Filofax Friday: Decorating Pages Week 32 - love4creativity
  5. D.I.Y. Washi Tape Storage - mypurpleylife
  6. Larger pages for the Filofax Personal from a funky notebook - Sarah Pings
  7. How to make a top-opening transparent envelope for your Filofax - maryannemoll
  8. Washi & Stamp Storage in the Sistema Klip It Lunch Cube - Sarah Pings
  9. Inside my personal Finsbury Filofax - updated - Natalie Pluck
  10. Filofax Decoration W.31 - adamsfilo
  11. Custom Filofax Flyleaf using Hambly Screen Prints - adamsfilo
  12. Filofax and Ordning & Reda size wise: And a little about strap length - Tracy Reinhardt
  13. Gillio Firenze A5 Compagna in beige overview. - Debbie Hockey
  14. Unboxing a Mystery Filofax!!! - mysummertouch
  15. PLANNER July set up (FILOFAX) - mysummertouch
What's new on the Filofax website this week? Enabling alert!


  1. Love the little enabling alert!

  2. I reuploaded my July set up video on my channel!

    1. Thanks Carla, I've just updated the link. I got your message but too late last night to be added!

  3. I just ordered myself a navy compact malden. I'll call it my birthday present from myself if anyone asks ;)

  4. Quo Vadis fountain pen friendly pages! Please tell me they will be available in A5? Very excited!


    1. Ashley
      No they are only importing the Personal size ones this year. There's a problem with the A5 pages, the use a different hole spacing to A5 Filofax (in fact they use the same spacing as Personal FF) So if you want to use the QV A5 inserts in a Filofax you need to repunch the pages.

      If you are still interested you could import them from QV UK or France.

      Laurie reviewed them a couple of years ago:


    2. Well that's too bad. I'll look into it a little further. Might just stick with punching the Rhodia paper for now.

  5. When are we getting the aqua malden on the USA Filofax website???

  6. Hi, I'm a 4 mths old Filofaxer, and I have just started a blopg about it~~~ Hope to be included in your web finds some day ^^
    filofaxion.blogspot.hk Thanks!


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