28 August 2013

Meet Up Planning

'Four meet ups in nine weeks.... she can not take it Captain' !!!! and three of them within 35 days...

Yes my Filofax has been earning its keep these last few days with so many things going on. Fortunately the last of the four meet ups I will be attending before the end of November is being organised my Mella in Antwerp, but I have just the task of getting there and back again by train via Paris !

I've got quite a variety of travel methods too to cope with so it all needs to be carefully planned out. I'm also having to take in to account where I will be either side of the dates too, and what impact it will have on my normal weekly routines.

I have been using a combination of a year planner in my A5 Filofax and my planner pages in both my personal size Filofax and my A5 Filofax.

I've been finding using planner page and notes pages has helped me make sure I get all the notes brought together in one place so I can focus on each event in turn and making sure I don't forget when to book travel tickets or to check in for a flight etc. Details of phone numbers of the people I'm meeting etc.

Places are still available for the meet up in Manchester on 26th October, and I hope to be announcing the details and dates for the Edinburgh meet up in the next couple of weeks.  Keep a look out on the blog for details.


  1. How come most meet ups are in england and none in wales?

  2. I lve next door to Wales in England and there are none near to me. I guess it is easier is well populated areas to get people together.