17 August 2013

Web Finds - 17 August 2013

Here are the latest Filofax blog posts from around the Internet:
  1. Very Interesting Stats - This Hobbit's Life
  2. Original Filofax - Snowing Indoors
  3. Filofax Set Up - Part One - Organising Chaos
  4. Divide and Conquer - Giftie Etcetera
  5. On This Day!! - Write at Home
  6. My Filofax - Snowing Indoors
  7. Thrifty Filofaxing- Make your own Paper - Incarnations of Organization
  8. Duplex Filofax???? I'd LOVE to have one! - My Summer Touch
  9. Back To School With Filofax and Lord Dodo - My Tea... - Lady Tamlynn
  10. Filofax Friday #1: initial set-up - Timeless
  11. My Filofaxes with Gold Hardware - This Bugs Life
  12. What is a FiloFax? - The Velvet Filo
  13. Yep, still workin' - The Crazy Suburban Mom
  14. Teacher Planning Pages Format & Show Me Your Pages! - JarFM
  15. Ideas for your Personal Filofax page template - My Life All in One Place
  16. How I use my Gillio A5 Mia Cara - This Bugs Life
  17. Arrival of the Filofax Compact Luxe; Faulty Filofax! - My Filo World
  18. Take Control of Your Time - Homemakers Daily
  19. Size Comparison between Gillio A5 Mia Cara and Filofax A5 Siena - This Bugs Life
  20. Filofax Friday: Filofax as a notebook (and notebook holder) - Planning with Printed Portal
  21. Gillio! - Said the Cat
  22. How to make a notepad for your filofax - The Velvet Filo
  23. A Filofax Re-Jig - Leesh
  24. Inserts Update - Quo Vadis
  25. On this Day - August 15th - Write at Home
  26. Day in the Life of Goldie the A5 Mia Cara - This Bugs Life
  27. Reinforces Made Pretty - Filofax, Organizers, Binders - Clever Soiree
  28. what is a girl to do?? a filofax dilemma - Team Filofax
  29. A Closer Look - Dispatches From The Frat House
  30. How Many Filofaxes Are Too Many? Tribute to Stampingsongbird’s wonderful post - This Bugs Life
  31. Happy Birthday Blog - Cloudberry Musings
  32. Whoa! It's a Portland enabling fest on eBay  - The Crazy Suburban Mom
  33. Red, Red Wine - Filomaniac
  34. My Filofax Personal Domino - Roses in December
  35. Parents, Cool Back-to-School Supplies Aren’t Just for Kids Anymore - Day Timer Blog
  36. The Original Fashion Decade - FILOFAX - Bella Lee Fashion
  37. Filofax The Original - 90s themed - Lauren Loves
  38. Fifties & Filofax - Everything's Rosie
  39. filoFax, A Design Classic… - Helen's Wardrobe
  40. Free FiloFax monthly calendar download - The Velvet Filo
  41. Guess which Filofax is on its way to me? - This Bugs Life
  42. Someday, Someday, Maybe: A Book Review and Filo Sighting - Well Planned Life
  43. Tea Rose Garden: A Filofax Adventure - No Wasted Ink
  44. Filofax Personal note page inserts for Letter Paper - My Life All in One Place 
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And here are a selection of the latest Filofax videos for your enjoyment.
  1. A Close-Up Of My Weekly Planner Pages - Carie Harling
  2. A few changes on my Filofax - maryannemoll
  3. Decorating my Filofax - Week 33 - Donna Ridgeway
  4. Reinforces Made Pretty - Filofax, Organizers, Binders - Natasha Hensel
  5. Mia Cara review part 1 of 4 - Helen Conway
  6. Mia Cara review part 2 of 4 - Helen Conway
  7. Mia Cara review part 3 of 4 - Helen Conway
  8. Mia Cara review part 4 of 4 - Helen Conway
  9. Decorating my Filofax Personal Organiser - Week #34 - My Purpley Life
  10. Chronodex on 2PPD - why, how, what I used - maryannemoll
  11. Compact Filofax Calipso as a wallet - Sonia S
  12. Original Patent Purple - The Velvet Filo
  13. Filofax A5, Personal, Compact vs. X47 - Rene Raggl
  14. Updated "what's in my school Filofax" - 30purplekisses
  15. A5 Ochre Malden for Work - johannenevin
  16. Filofax Friday: Decorating Week 34 - love4creativity
This week on Facebook.
One of the most active topics this week on the Facebook groups was people talking about their careers and jobs. It was very surprising the variety of jobs people do in our community on there.

The Gillio Group continues to grow, a small number of dedicated enthusiasts for this brand of organisers.

Over on the Filofax page they are running: The Second Blogger Challenge of 2013: The Original Fashion Decade. Go and visit and like your favourite pictures, plenty to choose from..


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