28 August 2013

Bargain Hunters

We all like a good bargain, be it that long looked for organiser or a particular insert you want to try out that your local stockist did not have it in stock.

So where do you look for a Filofax bargain?

Well a good place to start is our own Ad-Spot page. Adverts on there are posted for a calendar month and there is normally quite a lot of turn over all the time with new adverts arriving to be posted most days of the week, things often sell quickly.

We also have Wanted adverts on Ad-Spot, so if you are looking to sell an organiser then take a look on Ad-spot first you might find someone looking for exactly what you want.

If you are selling on Ad Spot don't forget you are expected to give a donation to Chimwemwe, and also to pack the items well.

There is of course Ebay and other auction sites around the world. You can pick up some good bargains there too, but be careful about poor descriptions which we have highlighted in this previous post.

You might strike lucky in your local high street, take a wander in to your local charity shops occasionally I have heard from one or two of our readers who have picked up some great organisers for only a few pounds in their local Red Cross shops and similar charities.

What is the best Filofax bargain you have picked up recently?


  1. There's also a Wanted/Sale page on the Filomaniac forum - it's in German, but most of the members are (more or less) fluent in English, so don't hesitate to post in English!

  2. I've had 2 great bargains recently. A mini malden on ebay for £19, but my best was on Ad-Spot. Blue 'Olympic' Lineburst personal for the price of P&P from a generous fellow Philofaxy fan. It's still being well used. :)

  3. I recently purchased two binders online, both from the Philofaxy AdSpot page! One was a cream leather Compact FC (not sure what model), and...

    ... wait for it...

    My first Filofax! It's a Black Personal Malden, and it's on its way to me as I type!

  4. eBay is my oyster, well a personal chameleon fell into my hands for £19 and a little green pocket Finsbury for £7 :)

  5. Not on ebay, but on leboncoin.fr, there are sometimes some really interesting Filos : currently, I'm wondering wether or not to buy a Personal Cavendish (with 30mm rings !!!) that's in a really good state, and only at 50euros (+postage, I guess).

    I don't need it, though, but perhaps some other French people might be interested? (Enabling, enabling :)

    1. Looks pretty cool. I'd go for it if I was you :-)

    2. Ahahah, indeed :) But in the end, I chose a Pocket Chelsea, which is a slimline. I had never seen it anywhere, and it was sold for 10 euros + shipping, I am currently awaiting its delivery.

      I might even write a guest post about it, as there aren't a lot of Slimline Pocket Filos... !

  6. I bought, brand new in boxes, a Portland and a Tejus, both personal, off trademe (the kiwi auction site, like eBay) for NZ$19 each. I thought that was pretty cool. I got a leather slimline personal Dayplanner (ff compatible) from the same site for NZ$4.

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  8. What a timely question! Today, literally ten minutes ago, opened a parcel that contained a black A5 Finsbury. Bought on Ebay for £13.

    Some scuffing on the front cover and some marks on the back, which the seller described as 'small dots where my daughter had stuck gems to it'. Fair enough, she was upfront about the marks and I'm certain that a little buffing with leather polish will help.

    Overall though, I'm very happy with the purchase. Now off to stock it up with inserts. I may be some time ....... :)

  9. I have never been lucky on eBay, always get out-bid. Filofaxusa has a 60%-off sale on selected binders for three days. I could not resist and bought a Regency Compact at $76 (reg. $190), I feel that was a bargain. I also bought the Doodle, as I am a doodler myself.

  10. Where do I begin...? My first real bargains were in the infamous Great German Train robbery as posted by Philofaxy... so really, I lay my current addiction firmly at your door.. and I thank you very much :o)

  11. I got a personal domino from filofax France for 22 euros including shipping.