06 September 2013

Filofax Meal Plans?

Just a curiosity type question from me really... Have you ever thought of creating a 'Meal Plan Filofax'?

The sort of thing I was thinking of would be say Personal or Pocket size, may be something that is wipe cleanable (if that is a real word!) so not leather.

In the organiser you would have meal ideas in a sort of index card system. On each card or page would be the details of the meal, information on ingredients, cooking method, time to prepare or time to cook, location in your local store of all of the ingredients (aisle numbers may be)  Other notes etc.

Then as you use each one, it gets moved to the back of the system so you have a fairly varied diet. Or you could sort them in to categories, may be on preparation time, or in to say meat dishes, cold dishes, hot dishes. So you can match your time constraints or to match the outside temperature.

Do we have an idea here for some specialist inserts I wonder? Let know your thoughts in the comments below.


  1. Steve - sounds like a great idea. And it seems like it was such a short time ago that your self-professed culinary abilities were limited to popping a pre-made dinner in the oven!

  2. I have tryed to adapt my Weight Watchers trackers to my Pocket Filofax but it's not really working :(

  3. It sounds like a great idea for someone who has a smaller collection of recipes. I have a TON and there's no way they would fit. They don't even fit in a large 3-ring binder. But it would definitely be very convenient.

  4. My Grandmom had one like that, she called it her Recipe book...but it wasn't a filofax.

  5. Now Mr Steve, that is a cracking idea! Meal planning, recipes, links to healthy recipes/blogs....ooooh.... I was looking for a use for my pocket aqua chameleon and this could be it! :)

  6. Are you trying to enable people Mr Morton

  7. Mine is really simple. A bit too simple for some I think. >< I plan out my week by making a custom insert for each day of one week on one page and I write down my snacks and meals in each column. That's pretty much it for me... lol. I don't really like counting calories or worry about the nutrition labels because my food are homemade and my snacks are usually veggies, fruits or yogurt.

    I do have coupon/sales tracker inserts to help me when I buy groceries though. I tend to only by things that are on sale and extra bonus points if I have a coupon for the sale item. :D I'm a cheapo.

    Leah | litaleah.com

  8. I did use my A5 Filofax as a food diary. I made a tab for it and firstly I made my own inserts which basically were a day on a page of breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks etc. I tried it for a couple of months but it wasn't working out. I would forget to use it and the pages weren't very appealing as I couldn't print with colour.

    I then got the week on two pages vertical and started using them as a food diary which did work, but for me as it was the summer holidays, I would sleep in late and so my day was at a later start than usual, and the times go from 8am-8pm. I didn't find I had enough space to write my full meal along with drinks. I used this from the start of June to August.

    I then decided it wasn't working having it in my Filofax and bought myself a spiral notebook and now use that, it works perfectly for me and has enough room to write a detailed description along with drinks for each meal and snack, and I use the back page for my feelings for the day. I use a note tab to mark the day I'm on, and that's it :)

  9. I use a 3 ring binder from an office supply store to store recipes. I received three of these binders free with some purchases. I also keep many recipe cards of my dishes and other dishes in a recipe box. The box includes the dividers with tabs for pasta, appetizers, etc. I know all of my dishes by heart, but I wrote them on the cards because several guests want to make copies of my dishes and other dishes. I have made only a few dishes that are not mine. I guess I keep the recipes of other people because I think I might try them. In my 3 ring binder I use large dividers (categories) and the clear pages that have 2 pockets on each side for recipe cards (fits large cards also). I also have pages for liquid measurement equivalents, terms and techniques, and substitutions in clear sheet protectors so that spills can easily be removed from the protectors. One idea for a weekly menu section in a recipe binder is using two of the clear pages with pockets for the week. You could have a divider for weekly menu and then place recipe cards for each day in the pockets. You can put a card or menu page for Monday and Wednesday in the first pocket and then one for Tuesday and Thursday in the second pocket on the first side. The front of each card faces outward. Then when you turn the page you will see the cards for Wed. and Thurs. on the other side. You can just switch the cards or menu for different weeks. Then you are not writing the meals again and again. As far as inserts, a weekly menu plan with boxes for each day is pretty simple. There would be space at the top to write the current dates for that week and then the person writes in the menu. Of course the days are printed on each box. I think it would be fairly easy for each person to make these on the computer.