02 September 2013

The 'Filofax Nod' ?

Have you ever experienced 'The Filofax Nod' ?

It's a silent acknowledgement from another Filofax user you come across in your daily commute or in a coffee shop or in the library or anywhere else for that matter. An acknowledgement of 'I see you are a Filofax user too' No words are required, just that small motion of the head, communicates to the other person the acknowledgement of the sight of their Filofax....

I came across this in a blog post at the weekend from our friend MacPsych (Hi Richard!) Of course the chances of seeing another Filofax on your travels will depend on where you live.

When Alison (author of Inceptio!) first had her new Mini in 2002, other new Mini owners would often flash their lights at you as they passed, a 'Mini nod' an appreciation of 'Hi I see you have a cool car too' I think the practice has died out a bit now because the Mini is so popular on the roads.. and Alison would love another!

I bet iPhone users don't have a nod when they see another iPhone user... ah see paper has something over digital in more ways than you think!


  1. I would love to experience Filofax Nod. But I do the same thing, when I meet another Vespa on the road.

  2. I ride a Harley Davidson and motorcycle riders have a hand signal for one another. I have never met another Filofax in the wild.

  3. Hi, Philofaxy, it's been ages since I commented. Glad to see it's (glorious) business as usual.

    Mustang owners very often rev their engines at each other when they meet on the road; once or twice I've witnessed a showy driving flourish to go along with the engine rev. (My partner owns a Mustang; I don't drive at all and was quite startled the first time someone revved their engine at us!)

    I've yet to experience a Filofax Nod, but there's a pretty strong taboo against acknowledging anything and anyone on the subways in NYC. If I ever chance to glimpse someone's planner, though, I'll be sure to work up the courage to make eye contact and give the Filofax Nod.

  4. If I gave the 'Filofax nod' to someone, it wouldn't be a nod so much as a 'Filofax frantic wave leading to arm being put down awkwardly when I realise other Filofax user thinks I'm a lunatic and has no idea why I'm waving...'!! ;b

  5. Volkswagen TDI owners do that to some extent here. I have yet to experience it here with my Filofax.

  6. Filofaxes no, but VW Campervan owners (even the new California version) certainly do -especially the old "split windscreen" and "bay" models. Mind you, they go so slowly, there's plenty of time to nod, wave and probably exchange details too!

  7. I don't see many Filofax users where I live.. but plenty of Franklin planners and day timers.. When they see my Filofax, I have to education them and tell them where to get them online!!! But it is nice when I get to talk to another person that uses a planner in their daily life and compare theirs to mine!!

  8. Many years ago I owned an Austin Healey Sprite every time we met another Sprite or in fact MG Midget owner they would flash their headlights in acknowledgement. The only time that I've seen another Filofax owner was in the doctors surgery.

  9. I once struck up a conversation with a fellow A5 Filo fanatic in my local coffee shop. Not only did she own a raspberry Chameleon,which she carried with her, but she was a chocolate sales woman. What a perfect life style!!!We had what was almost a mini meet up, sharing our A5s, until her business contact turned up and they had to discuss Christmas chocolate stocks.I, of course told her about Philofaxy, as she was a newbie Filo owner.

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  11. In the Philippines, about ten years ago, when there were only a handful Mac users around, we used to have a Mac 'nod.' Now there are millions of Mac users here that don't even know what the Mac aesthetic is all about, so the 'Mac nod' went away. Not one of these new users probably even understand what the 'Mac nod' is.

    Then we had the 'Moleskine nod,' but that went away as well, after every little rich guy and girl started buying Moleskines and toted them around town without even writing on them past the first five pages.

    I believe we have the 'Midori Traveler's Notebook nod' now, but since I know only three other people who use them here and we hardly ever see each other in person, there is just the 'Midori Traveler's Notebook online hi-and-hello.'

    Same goes for the 'Filofax nod,' because there is just MsPassionTea, and she lives on the other side of the capital, so we just send each other emails and SMS. LOL!

    But if, by some miracle of circumstance, I do see a Filofax user around, I will not just nod. I will say hi, and compliment him or her on her Filofax.

    1. Haha! I had my first Macbook back in 2006. A friend in Japan sent me my Midori Traveler's around this time too. Was using Moleskines as planners even before the Macbook. And now, I am waiting for my FIRST (!) Holborn personal which will be shipped from the U.S. through the oh-so-Pinoy Balikbayan Box.

      Meanwhile, I am currently trying to manage my growing washi tape-stickers-notepad habit. Trying, being the operative word here.

  12. I did have a chap once hold his binder up slightly & smile at me, so I guess that is close to a nod? We both had Filos on the table at the library.

    And I agree with Kate that I have to reign myself in not to come across as a lunatic if I speak to another fellow owner in the wild!

    I was a biker & owned a Smart car, & you'd get nods/headlight flashes from most other owners.