04 September 2013

Bullet Journalling/Planning in your Filofax

Recently zooming around the various websites and blogs has been a new idea, or new to me I should say of 'Bullet Journalling', this was devised by Ryder Carroll.

I'm not going to attempt to explain the principles behind this idea or method, he does it so much better than I could anyway!.

Take a look at his website or watch the video.

After seeing the video I thought about trying this idea out myself and I was tempted to go out and buy a notebook to give it a try. But I know what I'm like with bound notebooks, I hate to make a mistake in them!

So I thought why not try and take this idea and use it in a Filofax... I have got plenty of those haven't I!!

But what sort of inserts? I looked at the website and the video quite a few times before coming up with some simple personal size inserts which will print on to personal size paper. I've also scaled these up to A4 so you can booklet print them to A5 as well.

After discussing this with Ray, we came up with a few ideas to improve the concept. For instance the index that Ryder shows in the video didn't look that well organised, so Ray suggested his method of creating an index in a notebook.  I decided that instead of creating fixed divisions on the index pages I would leave that up to user as to how they would divide up their index pages depending on their needs.

I'm making the inserts available in A5 and Personal sizes for you to download and try out for yourself.
Index (Personal) Word file or PDF File
Index (A5) Word file or PDF File

Daily Calendar (Personal) Word file or PDF File
Daily Calendar (A5) Word file or PDF File

Monthly Events/Tasks (Personal) Word file or PDF File
Monthly Events/Tasks (A5) Word file or PDF File

Collections (Personal) Word file or PDF File
Collections (A5) Word file or PDF File

So if you fancy trying this out download the inserts and give it a try.

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  1. Very interesting method. I use a similar method in which I use arrows to indicate a meeting was moved, a circle with an x to indicate a task done, a simple x to indicate cancelled, a circle with a dot to indicate important, etc. I'm interested in printing these pages out to give this method a go....thank you for sharing!

    1. Hello Rebecca i like the idea of this could you explain more to me about your system please and thank you. Abby

  2. very interesting idea.. I use to just write lists in a small notebook but it got too messy. Then I started using Filofax . More control. I don't like carrying all that personal stuff around with me so it stays at home but this system with a small notepad would work on the go and then transfer it all to my Filofax later.. Thanks for the pages!

  3. I love this idea so much, that I let my son to have one for school. He is only 11 but I hope that will be satisfied. I plan to have one for my personal stuff. For my work I use Filofax with elements of GTD and zen to do. Thanks for the pages.

  4. I do this in my diary section of my filofax..I use blank paper that I got cut from staples. .. great system so easy! Never knew it had a name!

  5. What an intereting way to go. It's adaptable for filofax, but really looks like a Moleskine kinda of system. Thanks for the ideas!

  6. What a brilliant post - and I've just come across it! Thank you, very helpful!