16 September 2013

The Winner of the Charleston Pocket is....

Firstly thank you for all your entries. A very high success rate, sadly there can only be one winner this time.

The answers are:
  1. Who was the composer of 'The Charleston' which featured in the 1923 Broadway musical 'Runnin' Wild'  - Charleston words were written by Cecil Mack and the music by James P Johnson although I was a little flexible on this if you only put one name not both 
  2. In which state is the City of Charleston located?  Charleston (where the dance originated) is in South Carolina
  3. What size rings are fitted to the Charleston pocket reviewed - The organiser has 15mm rings.
And the winner is: Kate Ellis

I will get the pocket in the post as soon as I can. Again thank you everyone. 


  1. Congrats Kate! You'll have to let us know how you get on with it. ;)

  2. Hi guys.
    Wow thanks!
    I'm really looking forwards to seeing it in person. I'll let you know how we get on!
    Kate <3

  3. Hi.
    I got the filofax today and was having an excited little glance at it when my mum spotted in my hand. She suggested that the size was about right for her needs and she loved the colour and clasp...!
    Don't worry I haven't let her have it.
    It is a gorgeous little thing and I can't wait together all moved in, I haven't tried pocket sized before so this will be a little different for me :)
    I'll let you know how we go!