18 September 2013

Day Off?

I heard a great little story today, someone was going to take a day off work (paid holiday) to go and buy or at least queue for the new iPhone on Friday....

Can you imagine doing that for a new Filofax?

I chuckled to myself later... some of us would be taking a lot of days off work!


  1. Lucky I'm retired. I take a day for acquisition, followed by a day for admiration and then a day for moving in. Back in the day, it was Franklin Covey and ho hum.

  2. I suppose there´s something for everyone. I can tell I was waving my LOTR geekflag high and mighty as I galloped to snatch the first Hobbit DVD I could reach, the very day and morning it was laid to stand merrily on the shelves of the store. The same time I also bought a largish TV (before that I just uploaded some documentaries and kid TV to my laptop for my son but clearly, a Hobbit needed larger ogling space than +17 inches) and since my cherub was sick, I had arranged a nanny for him. And I´m 40. So I´ll be the last to pass a side- eye...