01 September 2013

The Calipso

The Calipso has been very well received, we featured a 'Twin Review' of it a few weeks ago now.  You can remind yourself of what our reviewers thought of it here and here. I wonder how the 'Twins' are getting on?

So you will be familiar with this picture which shows the spectrum of colours available in Compact and the A5 being only available in Blue and Pink.

Well Filofax have this week announced that the Calipso will soon be available in black in both compact and A5 sizes.

Calipso A5

Calipso Compact

Calipso Compact
Calipso A5

Calipso range details:

§  Material:  Soft leather with a light grain texture

§  Colours available:
  • Compact – 15 mm Rings - Bright Blue, Deep Pink, Burnt Orange, Solar Yellow, Teal, Black £65
  • A5 – 25 mm Rings - Bright Blue, Deep Pink, Black  £90


  1. My twin, Gypsy, has been working hard all summer. She will soon take a much needed holiday in order to allow my fall binder to make an appearance.

    I must say that having this binder is black is a great idea! This is a great binder, simple yet lovely, and so a basic color like black is a nice addition.

    1. I agree, kanalt. I'd quite like a Calipso, but all the colours are a tad too loud for my personal taste.