16 December 2014

Free For All Tuesday No. 202


  1. Out of curiosity - who has plans/resolutions for the new year and how will you use your filo to implement them?

    I'm planning on working out at least 3 times a week and I am also trying a new budgeting method. For the workouts I am going to use something a little like DIYFish's monthly tracker and colour code the days I work out plus have a week option (did it all go right - green, ok - yellow/orange nothing happened - red).
    Budgeting/money stuffs is going to go into my Deskfax - I need to keep better records and this is big enough that I can scale bills and so on received down to fit without loosing the readability :)

    1. Rose, I have my daily 5 (silence, prayer, scriptures, journal, exercise) and then I reserve 1 pm-3pm M-F to work on 2 goals this year. The daily 5 are written in and checked off each morning and then in the time slot I just write which of the two goals I worked that day so I can see how much time I spend in both areas.


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